How to Ace a Job Interview

First impressions are crucial in the job market, which is part of the reason job interviews can be so intimidating. If you’re wondering how to ace a job interview and make an excellent first impression, we’ve got you covered. Below, we’ll dive into our top ten tips and tricks for having a stellar job interview.

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Job Interview Tips

1. Dress Professionally

While learning how to ace a job interview,  you’ve probably heard once or twice that it’s important to dress professionally. Giving off a polished appearance does much more than let your potential employer know that you’re serious. It helps you to feel confident during your interview, which can be nerve-wracking, even for those with lots of experience.

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2. Prepare Accordingly

Any professional who knows how to ace a job interview knows that pre-interview prep is part of the process. Before your interview, look online to quiz yourself with some common interview questions so that you’re properly prepared. Not only will this give you peace of mind, but you’ll also be able to give a polished, clean answer to your potential employer in the near future.

Udemy is a great place to polish up on just about anything! They have thousands of online classes that can help you learn platforms or anything you need to know for just about any job.

And if you’re looking or an email marketing position, you might want to brush up on your email marketing platforms.

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3. Vet Your Resume

Even if you’ve already gotten an in-person interview, it’s important to have a well-crafted resume. Helpful sites like Resumonk and My Perfect Resume can help you build a superb resume in a number of minutes. This may seem like an odd place to spend money, but consider it a future investment that will no doubt help you stand out from the crowd.

Also, if you are in need of a great platform to help you find the perfect job that fits your needs, check out ZipRecruiter, they have millions of jobs hiring near you!

4. Know What You’re Walking Into

One of the key takeaways from learning how to ace a job interview is simply knowing what you’re walking into beforehand. Prior to your interview, gather up as much information as you can regarding the company, their viewpoints, and even your potential interviewer. This will help prepare in a more targeted fashion and set you up for success. If you have a bit more time to prepare, you can try using books of interview questions as well as an extra aid.

Preparing does not only mean studying up, it can also mean getting the proper rest to be sure that you are at 100% when the interview comes! Nectar or Purple mattress can help you make sure you get the rest you need!


5. Make Eye Contact

How to ace a interview, eye contact

This seems like a simple step, but it’s very essential for mastering the art of how to ace a job interview. Making eye contact will ensure that your potential future employer is seeing a confident, collected potential employee. You never know what could make that deciding factor for a company.

It’ll also give you an opportunity to really take in what the hiring manager is communicating. Paying attention to facial expressions is a huge part of listening, even if it doesn’t involve the ears directly.

6. Be Honest

If an employer asks you a question and you don’t know the answer, be honest. While you may be afraid that this will deter the employer completely, it gives you a certain amount of genuine credibility that your interviewer will appreciate. Plus, any good working relationship should be based on open communication.

7. Relax

How to ace a interview, relax

This is much easier said than done, but the best thing you can do is calm yourself appropriately before an interview. Try not to focus so much on the outcome of the meeting. Rather, think of it as an opportunity to make another professional connection. Check out Gaiam for stress balls that can help you relax.


8. Consider it a Learning Experience

Interview tips, experience

If you’re still very worried about how to ace a job interview, find a way to take the weight off of your shoulders. Think of your future interview as a learning experience, which it effectively is. That way, regardless of whether or not the interview goes “well”, you’ll still come out with knowledge to make your next interview that much better.

9. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

How to ace an interview, sleep

Once you’ve appropriately prepared for your interview, get a good night’s sleep. This will ensure you’re looking and feeling your best while meeting with potential employers. You may find it useful to plan out your outfit the night before so you won’t have to worry about it in the morning.

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10. Stay Off Your Phone

Interview tips

Remember, as soon as you walk into your potential employer’s building, you’ve essentially started the interview process. That means your time waiting for the hiring manager really ought to be as focused as though they were already there with you. Try your best to stay off your phone, remain alert, and use the valuable time to mentally prepare yourself for the talking portion of your interview.

Learning how to ace a job interview clearly takes time, discipline, and deliberate effort. Hopefully, some of these interview tips give you the confidence you need to crush your next interview. If you’re here though, you’re likely well on your way to securing your next job.

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, Talk District may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the

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