Must Have Kitchen Appliances 2021: 15 Great Picks

Must Have Kitchen Appliances 2020, Featured

In this article, we’ll delve into the very best 15 kitchen appliances 2021 has to offer. Whether you just moved into a new home or are new to cooking entirely, any of these essential appliances will improve your cooking by making it faster and easier.

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1. Mixer

Must Have Kitchen Appliances 2020: 15 Great Picks - Kitchen Aid Mixer

There are few things more useful than a classic, standing mixer. You can use your standing mixer to make delicious cookie dough, pies, cakes, and so much more! Mixers are sure to save you elbow grease and tons of time therefore making it a must have kitchen appliance for 2021.

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2. Electric Kettle

An Electric Kettle is essential to any tea or coffee lover. These kettles seamlessly boil hot water without the use of a stove for your convenience. Couple your kettle with a deep stockpot, and you’ll have lightning fast pasta in no time at all. They’re also super compact, making them great for smaller homes or apartments. These kettles can also be great for some hot tea! Grab a reusable straw or put your tea in a Tumber from Klean Kanteen and be on your way!

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3. Toaster Oven

Must Have Kitchen Appliances 2020: 15 Great Picks - Toaster Oven

Toaster ovens or convection ovens are perfect for conserving space while still giving you virtually all the benefits of a traditional option. Baking, broiling, and toasting is made easy with this essential appliance. You can also use toaster ovens to reheat leftovers or roast your favorite vegetable medley.

4. Microwave

A microwave is an appliance you’ll likely use every day, so make sure to invest in a great one. Use these handy appliances to easily reheat leftovers or steam veggies. You can also use microwaves to seamlessly defrost frozen meats and meals.


5. Electric Scale

Must Have Kitchen Appliances 2020: 15 Great Picks - Electric Scale

Any serious chef has an electric scale at their disposal. These devices are essential for measuring out ingredients for all of your favorite dishes. Moreover, scales are perfect for big meal planners for rationing out portions at the beginning of the week.


6. Pressure Cooker

If you crave rice or slow-cooked meals, you’ll definitely want a quality pressure cooker available.  These versatile devices can easily act as slow cookers and rice cookers all-in-one. You can also purchase inserts to even bake in these appliances.

7. Food Processor

A reliable food processor is essential for making your favorite homemade salsas and spreads. You can also make delicious soups in food processors, adding to their value. Food processors are also great for grinding meat or making delicious homemade hummus.


8. Juicer

There are few things more refreshing than a homemade juice. Juicers are not only useful for refreshing drinks, but they can also help you make fresh lemon or lime juice to use in other recipes.

9. Waffle Maker


Who doesn’t love waffles? Use your new waffle maker to make a quick, delicious breakfast every morning. These also double as excellent makeshift sandwich presses.

10. Joule, Sous vide

Must Have Kitchen Appliances 2020: 15 Great Picks - Joule Sous Vide

Do you live in a compact space or apartment? A Joule sous vide might be the right choice for you. This handy devices can cook just about anything. If you have ever found yourself overcooking your steak, the sous vide cooking device will cook your steak or anything else to the perfect tenderness and rareness of your preference. You can even control temperatures and times with your phone, just use the Joule app and you’re set. Plus it doesn’t take up much space in your kitchen, therefore we think this one is a must have kitchen appliance for 2021.

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11. Popcorn Maker

Are you a movie lover? If so, you should definitely invest in a popcorn maker. These handy devices pop fresh, healthy, kernels in the blink of an eye. You can also roast raw coffee beans in this appliance.

12. Deep Fryer

Must Have Kitchen Appliances 2020: 15 Great Picks - Deep Fryer

Have you ever dreamed of crispy fried chicken or homemade french fries from home? You can’t go wrong with having a deep fryer. These sturdy appliances are perfect for preparing your favorite fried foods from home. With the right accessories, this can also double as an indoor grill.

13. Panini Press Pan

Instantly elevate any of your homemade sandwiches with a panini press, we think this one is a must have kitchen appliance for 2021. As another option, purchase a pan cover to keep your grilled sandwiches adequately cooked inside and out.

14. Toaster

You can’t have a kitchen without a good toaster! Not only are these appliances essential for bread, but they’re also perfect for sprucing up a bagel or pastry. Start your mornings off right. You can also purchase a cheap toaster bag to make delicious chips right inside of your toaster.

15. Coffee Maker

Must Have Kitchen Appliances 2020: 15 Great Picks - Coffee maker

There are few things more important in the morning than a strong cup of coffee. Investing in a high-quality coffee maker will ensure a delicious cup of joe or espresso at the ready. These appliances are also fully automated so you won’t have to wait around while your drink of choice is being prepared.

Filling your kitchen with useful appliances is one of the best ways to save time on a day to day basis. Another way to save time is by investing in automatic green waste and recycle bins by Simple Human. These must-have kitchen appliances will certainly make your life measurably easier. Happy cooking!

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