9 Fun Easter Activities for Adults to Enjoy

Easter Activities

As a child, Easter is probably one of the most exciting holidays to celebrate with family. What you’re probably wondering is if there are Easter activities for adults that are just as fun. Keep on reading to find out!

Easter Activities for Adults

Easter egg hunt - easter ideas for adults

1. Adult Easter Egg Hunt

While the idea of hunting in the backyard for small candies and toys may not seem like the most exciting game for adults, there are certain ways you can spice up this childhood activity to please every one of your adult friends. Fill the plastic eggs with things like scratch off-lotto tickets, mini liquor bottles, or even dollar bills! And don’t forget to hide them in difficult places around your house or backyard– the harder they are to find, the more rewarding the gifts will be!


2. Egg Painting Party

Easter egg painting - Easter ideas for adults

You can still have an Easter for adults with a fun egg painting party for you and a group of your closest creative friends. Skip those cheap egg dipping kits you find at the grocery store and opt for the good stuff – acrylic paints, glitter, feathers, etc. We also love the intricate patterns of Ukranian Pysanky egg painting. You can put on some music, pour a glass of wine, and spend the evening decorating hard-boiled eggs that you can use for decoration around your house.


3. Brunch Easter for Adults Party

Easter time together - Easter ideas for adults

While you don’t need a special occasion to enjoy good food and good company, Easter is the perfect opportunity to have your friends and family members come together. One of our favorite Easter ideas for adults is to host a brunch get-together at your house. Set up a bloody mary or mimosa bar, fry up some waffles and pancakes, or serve delicious eggy-dishes like frittatas, omelets, or benedicts. Don’t forget the hand-made chocolate eggs for desert! If you’re running short on time, you can always have your groceries delivered to you by Instacart so that you can concentrate more on the cooking than the shopping!

For those of you interested in adding wine to the equation, take a look at Sterling Vineyards. Sterling Vineyards offers some of Napa Valley’s finest wine, much of which will pair well with your Easter activities!

4. Easter White Elephant Gift Swap

The White Elephant Gift Swap isn’t your average gift exchange. This hilarious game lets you give something amusing, impractically, or downright bizarre to all your friends. Gather your friends together for an Easter-themed White Elephant Gift Swap, and watch their faces as they unwrap the funny and weird gifts in front of everyone.


5. Easter Bake-Off

Easter Bake-Off - Easter ideas for adults

A little friendly competition in the kitchen is one of the most delicious and cool Easter activities for adults. Have everyone come prepared with their favorite sweet treat, like a cake, pie, tart, or cookie that they baked at home. You can then set up an anonymous tasting to see which dessert wins the top prize for best Easter-themed baked goods. And don’t forget to supply the prize gift, like a nice bottle of wine from Vivino, or make your own Easter Cocktails – here we have some great recipes.


6. Fitness Egg Hunt

For the more adventurous friends in your circle, consider throwing a fitness-themed Easter for adults. Fill the plastic eggs with different exercises that the egg finder must complete before they can continue. For example, they can do ten jumping jacks, hold a plank for two minutes, or run a lap around the backyard before being allowed to continue hunting.


7. Egg Drop Challenge

This puzzling activity is a creative way to spend an Easter for adults party. Using materials found around the house (garbage bags, cardboard boxes, masking tape), you will craft a protective device for an egg. After they’ve all been completed, drop the eggs in their homemade devices out of a two-story window to see which one protects it from cracking on the ground. Of course, the winning invention walks away with a prize, like an Easter-themed gift basket!


8. Easter Scavenger Hunt

A thrill-seeking Easter scavenger hunt is a fun spin on the traditional egg hunt, making it one of our favorite Easter activities for adults. For this game, everyone works on one team, with the goal of finding the main prize. The clues to the next location can be complicated puzzles, difficult brain-teasers, or hard-to-solve riddles.


9. Throw a Pastel Peep Party

Looking for a unique Easter activities for adults to bring out the Easter spirit? How about a Pastel Peep Party? Each of your party guests will come dressed head-to-toe in Spring pastels, like baby blue, periwinkle, or light peach. Whip up some mouthwatering Easter Snacks (and don’t forget the marshmallow Peeps, of course) for a fun and colorful event.


Who says that kids are the only ones allowed to have fun at Easter? This year, plan something exciting with these Easter activities for adults, whether it’s a boozy brunch, egg painting party, or friendly hunting competition in the backyard.

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