Best Monthly Dog Box Subscriptions

Monthly dog box subscriptions are all the rage these days. These boxes deliver your pooch fresh treats, toys, or food even, straight to your door. Plus, they can save you from running to Petco every time Fido needs a new treat. Each box is hand-delivered to your door.

However, finding the best pet subscription box for your fur-baby can be difficult with so many different options. In this article, we’ll go over some of our favorites so that you can find the best monthly treat for your pooch.

1. BarkBox

Monthly dog box, Barkbox

BarkBox is one of the leaders in the monthly dog box industry and provides your pooch with a fresh assortment of treats and toys on a monthly basis. Best of all, all treats are sourced and made in the USA, making BarkBox a serious contender for the best dog subscription box.

2. The Dapper Dog

Monthly dog box, The Dapper Dog

The dapper dog offers a great dog subscription box for heavy chewers. All toys and treats in these monthly dog boxes are made in the USA and are backed by conscientious companies. Plus, if your pooch doesn’t take to a product for any reason, you’ll get a refund. Dapper Dog offers varying boxes based on your pup’s size for your convenience.

3. Pooch Perks

Pooch Perks delivers US-made dog treats and fun toys in each monthly dog box. Notably, these boxes can be customized ahead of time. This way, your pooch won’t end up with anything except his favorites.

4. Greenwell Pet

Monthly dog box, Greenwell

Does your pup suffer from chronic pain or separation anxiety? If so, Greenwell Pet offers excellent monthly dog boxes just for them. The boxes include calming treats and health products keeping your pooch extra happy. These CBD inspired boxes ship anywhere in the states with 48 hours, making them super convenient.

5. PupBox

 Pup Box

Everyone knows that puppies take a lot of work. The main difference between PupBox vs BarkBox or other monthly dog boxes is the target market—puppies! Each box includes toys ideal for teething pups, training treats, and helpful training pamphlets. Best of all, the box will grow with your pup, because each critical age range is paired with a perfectly catered box.

6. Super Chewer

Does the average monthly dog box not stand up to your pup’s super chompers? If so, check out the Super Chewer box. As you may have guessed, these boxes are the perfect dog subscription box for heavy chewers. Every month, your pooch will receive super durable treats that’ll keep them occupied and satisfied. Plus, if a toy isn’t tough enough for your pup, Super Chewer will replace it, no questions asked.

7. Shaggy Swag

Shaggy Swag

Shaggy Swag boxes are customized to your pup’s personal needs. Each box includes top-dog treats and toys for your pooch to enjoy. Plus, if your pooch is a little fashionista, these boxes come with adorable pup outfits to build Fido’s woof-drobe. Enjoy selecting from over 80-different products month to month to get your dog’s tail wagging.

8. Pet Plate

Pet Plate

Pet Plate offers delicious, fresh food for your dog for prices under $2 per day. The nutritious meals are catered based on your pup’s weight, age, and active goals. All meals are made with real-meat, ensuring fresh nutrients for your beloved pooch.

9. KitNipBox

Don’t forget about your kitty! This cat subscription box is full of fun treats and toys your cats will love. Best of all, the organization supports over 100 animal welfare organizations, so you can feel good about your purchase.

10. NomNomNow

NomNomNow is one of the best dog and cat subscription boxes for fresh, nutritious pet food. Each box is delivered to your doorstep with weekly goodness for both your cat and dog. This makes NomNomNow a great monthly subscription for households with multiple pets. The service offers custom boxes for puppies/kitties, adults, and seniors for every stage of life.

11. The Farmer’s Dog

The Farmer’s Dog offers homemade dog food your pup is sure to love. These fresh meals are veterinarian approved and made in USDA approved kitchens for excellent meal quality. The human-grade food service creates a food plan customized for your pooch. On every package, you’ll see exactly when your pup’s food was packed.

Overall, monthly dog boxes can be a great way to save on dog treats, food, and toys over time. Their convenience and high-quality products speak for themselves, and your pooch is sure to agree.

Enjoy watching your pup’s wag every time your new subscription box arrives at your doorstep.

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