The Best Advanced Finance Course to Take in 2021

These days, few career paths can be considered bulletproof — especially since advances in technology are starting to eclipse a lot of traditional roles. However, careers in finance should stand the test of time. A career in finance or a finance certification can be extremely rewarding and also lucrative, with starting salaries in 2021 standing at around $87,000 per year. The following article is an easy guide to the best finance courses to take in 2021 to help you enter this competitive field.

If you do end up taking one of these finance courses, make sure you have top-of-the-line antivirus software like Cylance to keep your information safe. This is is especially important if you’re working from home, either for your job or continuing education.

Advanced finance stock trading through Online Courses

Learning the ropes of stock and cryptocurrency trading is a great way of future-proofing your career prospects.  This course will help you gain some experience with technical analysis. Other features of the advanced finance course include correctly reading Candlesticks, enhancing your trading skills, and learning to put together a successful and profitable stock or cryptocurrency day trading and swing trading strategy.

Artificial intelligence for real job prospects

finance course for 2021

From the clever folks at Udacity, the Artificial Intelligence For Trading is all you need to get started with this forward thinking and lucrative form of trading. These days, artificial intelligence and machine learning are creeping into every corner of our lives, including trading. Getting to know this incredibly important technology could be very useful.

The course will take you through the basics of Quantitative Trading, including analysis, data processing, signal generation, portfolio management and more. You’ll also be harnessing the power of Python in order to work with historical data. You can develop your own trading strategies, and construct and optimize a multi-factor model.

Economics Class by a Nobel Prize winner

If you think that economics is a dull subject, think again. Every aspect of our world is controlled by economics. A career in this sector can be extremely rewarding. You can demand a salary of between $104,000 and $182,000 per year. The Masterclass Economics And Society course led by Nobel Prize winner, Paul Krugman, is a great way to get started with this complex subject.

The advanced finance course will take you through the principles that shape political and social issues. Engaging and informative, this course is a must have for anybody looking to get a foot in the finance door.

finance course for 2021

Big advanced finance learning for big business

For those looking for a career with the big boys of business, the Corporate Finance Foundations course should be your first stop. Most corporations offer a number of roles, from clerks to CFO, and even getting in at ground level.

This advanced finance course will walk you through the basics of corporate finance. It provides useful information on factors such as decision making and company growth. You’ll lay the groundwork for your advanced finance career. Learning about diversification, risk management, cash flow, equity, corporate capital and asset pricing.

A focus on finance certification

Sticking with the theme of corporate finance, Corporate Finance: A Focused Approach digs a little deeper for those who feel ready to take the next step in their corporate finance learning journey. This course covers fundamentals including features and functions of Excel spreadsheets, to complex financial concepts, and technological applications.

Additionally, the course integrates the 2017 Tax Cut and Jobs Act, and includes the MindTap Finance digital learning solution. This allows you to learn at your own pace through its innovative presentation and suite of learning tools.

Taking the first step on your finance learning journey can be daunting, but thankfully, the courses listed here will help you to work at a pace that is comfortable for you. When taking any advanced finance course, always make sure that you have the time to complete it. Also, try to ensure that you have a quiet place to work that’s free of distractions. As this will help you to concentrate on the course content, which can at times be quite complicated. Happy learning!

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Get access to exclusive content and tips. We already made life easier for 15,000+ people.
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