30 Day Workout Challenge To Get Fit In 2020

30 Day Workout Challenge 8

Millions of people are trying to figure out how to get in better shape, whether they are someone who has been out of shape for years or simply want to get back into peak shape after a period of slacking off. Of course, thirty days might not be enough time to achieve your “dream body”, but a month is still plenty of time to get much fitter than you have been. Here are some exercises to help you with your day 30 day workout challenge.


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1. Mountain Climbers

Exercise is supposed to help tone certain parts of your body, and your 30 day workout challenge should 100% include mountain climbers. You can start off small, by only doing 10 mountain climbers per day. You can try to work yourself up to 30 per day, which shouldn’t be too difficult if you are healthy.

On a side note: If you’re looking for more workout ideas and help, give Openfit a look! They have a variety of classes the help with cardio and more!


The exercise requires you to put your hands on the floor, so remember to wash your hands right after if the “floor” isn’t the cleanest surface. Instead of bouncing on your toes, you should repeatedly bring your knees up as if you are scurrying up a mountain – except you are doing intense cardio on the floor. You’ll work up a sweat quickly with mountain climbers, so bring a towel!

Looking for jump ropes that are great for cross training? Give Crossrope a look, they even have weighted jump ropes!

2. Bicycle Crunches

30 Day Workout Challenge 1

One of the great things about bicycle crunches is that they work much more than the stomachs – they also work the hips and obliques, as well. They also can be fun to do, especially if you are someone who is used to riding a bicycle.

The exercise is a bit complex if you are a complete fitness novice, but you should get the hang of it. In short, the exercise involves twisting your torso a bit, to make sure that your elbows touch the opposite knee on your body. Aim for 20 bicycle crunches per day.

If you’re looking for a full body workout, you can give Hydrow a look! Their rowing machine is tailored for maximum muscle engagement and works out your core, back, arms and legs!


3. Planks

What’s one of the biggest reasons that people want to get fit? It often can be about their belly fat. If you are serious about a flat stomach, planks are some of the best exercises that you can do.

If you’re looking for more athletic wear for your workouts, give Reebok a look! They have footware and appreal for just about any sport!

Let’s say that your 30 day workout plan is meant to help you fit back into some old clothes or get ready for a beach trip with your significant other: try to make sure that you can plank for at least a minute at a time. One benefit of this exercise (especially if you’re older) is that it can help with back pain.

4. Push Ups

30 Day Workout Challenge 5

There’s pretty much no way that you don’t know what a push-up is, which is why it definitely should be part of your 30 day workout challenge. You might not enjoy push-ups, but the truth is that it’s integral to your arms, back, and more.

If ten push-ups are a challenge, try to add on five push-ups per week. Either way, make sure to take breaks and drink water between your sets of push-ups. A 30 day workout plan should include push-ups, no matter who you are, or what your goals are.


5. Squat Jumps

30 Day Workout Challenge 6

One of the great things about 30 day workout challenge exercises is that they often don’t require equipment or money. Meaning that you can find a park or public space where you feel comfortable and get fit, just like that! The right squat jump can go a long way towards strengthening your lower body.

For those who are unaware, there are some steps involved in squat jumps. A squat jump involves standing on a solid surface. You will want to crouch down with your arms out, then explode with upwards energy. Figure out how many reps of squat jumps you are comfortable with, if you are uncertain. This video will show you how to do a squat jump if it is still unclear.

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6. Bike Riding


Riding a bike, whether leisurely or for commuting purposes is a really great source of cardio, and is a great alternative to something like running on a treadmill. If you want to find a bike to accompany you on all of your travels, check out the bikes over at Priority Bicycles, as they have a ton of different awesome options.

And make sure you have the right gear for your feet for your tough biking adventures. Check out JD Sports for tons of different apparel and sneakers.


It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been waiting for years for the right time, or simply want to work off holiday weight. A 30 day workout challenge can do wonders for your body and mind. If you are interested in improving your physical and mental health, you should try out a 30 day workout challenge to help get you back into great shape!

A 30 day full body workout challenge can not only transform your body, it might improve your confidence and peace of mind, as well. You may find that it improves your quality of life dramatically. Of course, make sure to check with your doctor before you exercise, especially if you take specific medications or have certain injuries.

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