10 Things You Didn’t Know About Beauty Subscription Boxes

Beauty subscription boxes are all the rage right now, but what’s all the fuss about? Below, we’ll go over 10 things you didn’t know about beauty subscription boxes so that you can join in all of the fun.

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Beauty Subscription Boxes

1. They Can Save You Money

Are you a beauty addict on a budget? If so, a beauty subscription box may be exactly what you need. Typically, these boxes offer you a sampling of a couple of high-end products for you to try from home. That way, you’re able to spend a flat rate to test products instead of constantly buying items that you may or may not actually use.


Plus, beauty subscription boxes give you something to look forward to on a regular basis. You’ll be excited about your new products every month, but you won’t empty out your wallet.

2. They Contain High-Quality Makeup

Beauty Subscription Boxes, BirchBox

Beauty boxes aren’t full of junk. In fact, many of them include high-quality makeup that you’re unlikely to get elsewhere at such a good price. For example, Birchbox regularly ships out luxury brands like MAC and Marcelle for you to enjoy.


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3. They Can Help Focus on Your Interest

Your beauty box doesn’t have to be generic. In fact, a number of beauty subscription boxes are customized exactly to your needs. For example, Crate Joy offers a pregnancy box for any expecting mothers. There are also self-care boxes, bath-time boxes filled with handcrafted bath bombs, and “smart but sassy” boxes. Trust me, there’s a box just for you out there.

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4. They Aren’t Just for Makeup

Beauty Subscription Boxes, Scentbox

You’ve probably seen numerous beauty box review videos about makeup-based boxes. However, beauty isn’t just about your face—it’s about your full unique style. Boxes like ScentBox allow you to try out a number of designer perfumes before committing to a scent. You can hand-select perfumes based on different brands you’ve been hoping to try out. Or, the service can create a mystery box based on your preferences.


5. They’re for Every Type of Skin

Do you have unique skincare needs? Don’t fret, because there are beauty subscription boxes out there just for that. Companies like Babe Cosmetics craft their digs specifically for the needs of their user. Along with simple makeup, the company delivers monthly skincare products so you can keep your face looking its best at all times. Even if you don’t wear makeup, there’s still a beauty subscription box to fulfill your needs.

6. You Can Try Out a Free Sample Box

Beauty Box Subscription - Winter 2022


If you’re not totally decided on trying one of the beauty subscription boxes, you can try out some of the more price-friendly options first. This beauty box from Walmart will only cost you $5 in shipping for the first order. You don’t have to be rich to partake in all the fun!

7. You Can Dress Like a Celebrity

Not all beauty subscription boxes deal with skincare. Subscription plans from services like Rent the Runway send top designer clothes directly to your doorstep so you can update your look in a number of ways. Other similar plans and boxes include a personalized style plan with a virtual stylist to get you unique looks at a fraction of the price.


8. It Doesn’t Have to Be Pricey

Beauty Subscription Boxes, Ear Fleek

Are you worried about your potential beauty subscription box running you dry? There’s no need to fret! Beauty subscription boxes don’t have to be expensive. In fact, some boxes will cost you less than $10 monthly for new beauty goods on a regular basis. For example, Ear Fleek will send you adorable earrings for less than $5 a month.


9. No Contracts Required

Some people may be deterred from beauty subscription boxes due to the monthly commitment. Luckily, most subscription boxes have no contractual agreement though. That means you can have an off month if you’re satisfied with your current level of beauty gear. Or if you want another box only a week or two after the first one, you can also do that.

10. Green Beauty Subscription Boxes Do Exist!

Beauty Subscription Boxes, Green

If you’re concerned about any waste from a subscription box, you should definitely check out the more eco-friendly subscription boxes. Companies like LoveGoodly give back to the Earth on a regular basis and contain eco-friendly products you’re sure to enjoy. This can include things like 100% recycled materials, or biodegradable packaging.

Beauty subscription boxes are full of fun surprises and are sure to brighten up your month. You’ll love saving money on top of the line products, and will look forward to getting new and exciting beauty products on a regular basis.

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, Talk District may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the

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