Best Finance & Budget Apps to Manage Your Money

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Most of us could be a lot better at budgeting. However, with all of today’s distractions, it’s difficult to find time to accurately track your spending. Luckily, there are a number of financially-friendly apps that will do your budgeting for you. Below, we’ll break down the best finance and budget app choices to help manage your money. With any of these helpful choices, you’re bound to get a real handle on your spending and more importantly, save money.


Best Finance & Budget Apps to Manage Your Money

First, we would like to touch on one of the most important considerations of being financially responsible— your credit score. Many people do not know what their credit score is and what it could mean during major life events, like purchasing your first home. Get to know your credit score and history at MyFico, the leading expert in credit reports and scores online. MyFico is your all-in-one solution to compare scores from all 3 bureaus. Prepare for credit goals, receive notice of any changes or updates, and monitor any fraudulent activity with MyFico. Stay protected right at your fingertips.



Acorns is the best budget app for first-time investors. The app allows you to convert your spare change into real trades and stocks. You can monitor the trends of your stocks through the app and there’s no minimum contribution to get started on the platform.


If you’re looking to jump into the world of investing, Robinhood is certainly the best budget app that iPhone and Android users can both enjoy. The app features $0 account minimums to get started, and you can invest in ETF, stocks, and cryptocurrency trades within the app. The interface is super easy to navigate, making it a great pick for beginners.



Coinbase is an awesome platform. It enables users to trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin in real-time. This cutting-edge software gives you the tools to invest your spare cash in a newly emerging market and even gives you free Bitcoin when you sign up!


H&R Block

The H&R Block app allows you to deal and manage your taxes on the go, from anywhere. From the app, users have the ability to prep and file their taxes at any time, upload tax documents during filing and even check and manage the status of your refund. Best of all, the H&R Block app has a neat tool to allow you to upload your W-2 info via camera. Upload all your info directly to the app, making your life easier! When preparing for tax season, it’s hard to beat what H&R Block has to offer.

Ria Money Transfer

If you need a place to send money to loved ones out of town or overseas, you’ll definitely want to have the Ria Money Transfer app on your side. It’s the best budget app for families who regularly need to send money to loved ones. You can manage all of your transfers in one place and find quick pick-up locations in your area. If you’re looking to save money while shopping, Capital One Shopping can help you do just that!


Having the Transunion app is essential to your financial success, making it the best budget app for getting an accurate view of your credit score. Within the app, you’ll be able to instantly see your credit score in real-time, allowing you to see where you’re headed financially. The app will also give you helpful tips in terms of boosting your credit score over time, making it a truly invaluable resource.


Some regard Mint as one of the best budget app choices since it is so effective at tracking your precise spending habits. The free app easily links with all of your user accounts for free, and updates in real-time to give you an accurate view of your financial situation. You can add your own categories, track individual spending of an item, and much more to keep track of all of your expenses with ease.

National Debt Relief

While this isn’t necessarily a budgeting app, if you have considerable debt, you may be eligible for some debt relief through the national debt relief program. You can get a free consolidation quote just by inputting your information into the site to see if you qualify. After all, the first step to financial freedom is getting rid of any outstanding debt.


If you’re looking for the best budget app options available for your desktop or laptop computer, Moneyspire is a great place to start. The software helps you track your spending and saving seamlessly. It’ll give you a wide variety of graphs and figures. As well as ensuring that you’ll be able to get quick, intuitive ways to understand your current financial situation. It can also be combined with other budgeting apps like Mint for easy financial tracking while out on the go.

More Money-Saving Tips

Creating and maintaining a successful budget is much easier said than done. To help you do that, grab a planner and get to bookkeeping your finances. There’s always room to grow in terms of learning about finances. Luckily, any of these 10 best budget apps are bound to make that process a whole lot easier. Enjoy your newfound savings!

There are many ways to save money, and the more you employ, the better. Check out these other tips on how to save money and have the most financially stable year yet!

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