Tips for How to Save Money in 2021

ways to save money fast

As 2021 gets underway, most of us will be hoping for calmer waters than the ones we sailed during 2020. While the pandemic may not yet be over, the hope is that some kind of normality will be restored soon. For many, this also means tackling finances. That being said, many are in need of tips for how to save money. The following is a guide to some of the best ways to save money in the new year. This is great for those of us who don’t necessarily want to sit down and read the Best Finance Books for Beginners.

Before we get started with innovative ways to save money, take a look at Smart Financial, which offers excellent prices on insurance, from home to auto, and everything in between. Saving money on necessities like insurance can really do wonders to your amount of financial flexibility, which leads into our first savings tip…

Bag a bargainways to save money

Capital Shopping is a free browser extension that allows you to find the lowest price for items you’re shopping for. Free and easy to use, Capital Shopping is a win-win for shoppers and you don’t even need to be a Capital One customer to get started. For extra security and convenience, Eno is a virtual shopping card for use with Capital One which helps to keep your real card number safe. 

Supersize your skills for ways to save money

The new year is a great time to think about a new career or even starting a business of your own. That said, Skillshare offers thousands of courses through a collaborative community to help get you started in design, business and much more. Learning something that you can turn into a business is a great plan. Check out Best E-commerce Platform for Startups and Small Businesses.

A sweet dealways to save money

We all like to get the best possible price when ticking items off our wish list, and Honey allows you to do just that with just one click. To use, add Honey to your toolbar to start making savings. Using Honey couldn’t be simpler, just tap the icon when making a purchase and any available discounts will automatically apply to your shopping cart. 


Not only can you save money shopping online, save money on the necessities in your life, like prescription medicines. Kroger GoodRx is a must-have membership that allows you to save on your prescriptions, some of which are even free. You won’t have to pay a premium price on your prescriptions again!

Taking stock in 2021

If you’ve ever thought about getting into the investment game, there’s never been a better time. WeBull is a self-directed investment platform that guides you through the process of making investments even if you’re an absolute beginner. It will provide tips for how to save money via guiding you through this process of making money! With multi-platform accessibility, the platform offers many advanced tools. Most importantly, zero commission fees will help you to get to grips with this potentially lucrative activity. It’s one of the best ways to save money fast.

Stay organized! Although investing is a great way to earn passive income, you’ll need to report your earnings during tax season. Consider E-File to assist with your filing with their fully featured online tax software that is easy to use!

New moneytips for how to save money

Tally is a new kind of currency designed for the modern world. The currency, that customers own, currently has a foundation in psychical assets. Above all, Tally is a part of a platform for a seamless experience outside of the global banking system. While some may be wary of ‘new’ currencies, Tally can offer considerable savings long-term.

Tailor ‘maid’ investingtips for how to save money

You don’t need to travel all the way to Sherwood Forest to make cash thanks to Robinhood’s commission free stock trading platform. This affordable investment platform lets you get start making stock investments. Additionally, use it to start buying and selling cryptocurrencies. For beginners, the site is incredibly user friendly and allows you to set sensible limits on your spending.

Tips from how to save money for womenways to save money fast

For the first time ever, Ellevest provides female-only investments which factor in female pay gaps, career breaks and longer lifespans. Even if you’re brand new to investing, this innovative platform takes you through every step of the process. Certainly, this will allow you to make educated decisions on investments while keeping risk to a minimum. 

Know the score

When you’re trying to get your finances together in your personal or business life, credit scoring is incredibly important. To explain, getting to know your credit score allows you to fix issues and start to build healthier finances. FICO scoring is used by 90 of the top 100 major US lending institutions in order to perform risk assessment. For more information on your personal credit score, check out Credit Karma

Ways to save money on the cards

If you use a credit card to help stretch your budget, it’s a great idea to get one which gives you a little something back. The Walmart Pay Card is a quick, easy and mobile friendly way to pay for purchases, and if you have a Capital One Rewards Card with your Walmart Pay Card, you can earn 5% cash back on all of your Walmart store purchases for the first 12 months. 

If you’re not ready for a credit card or already have a couple, take a look at GO2bank, whose debit cards also offer rewards such as cash back.

Other ways to cut costs related to your cards is saving on related costs, such as checks. Get down to business fast with 150 single checks for $13.95 from Check Advantage and FREE Shipping & Handling.

Targeting savings

For Target shoppers, the Red Card is one of the best tips for how to save money. The card offers 5% savings at Target in store and online. Better yet, the card also offers savings at a number of other establishments including Starbucks and gift cards. Card holders also have access to some fantastic exclusive deals to help their money go further.


If you’re looking for ways to save money in 2021, there are plenty of opportunities out there to check out when you shop around. That said, if you’re strapped for cash in the new year, make sure to check out 9 Genius Ways To Make Money By Working Remotely.

These days more and more people are tapping into the world of stocks and investments. The great news here is that you don’t need a big bank account or tons of experience to start. As we head into a new decade, ways to save money is at the top of the list for most of us. We hope this guide will inspire a new attitude on savings. Happy saving!

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Get access to exclusive content and tips. We already made life easier for 15,000+ people.
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