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Summer is in full swing, which means that it’s time to break out the floaties. But why settle for the usual tube when there are so many other awesome options available? Below, we’ll dive into the best pool floaties you can find. Make no mistake, these are pool floaties for adults and kids, so everyone in the family can enjoy these pool party essentials.

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1. Sitinpool Inflatable Chair

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Need a floatie that makes you feel like you’re lounging around in a super supportive back chair? This floatie is the perfect pick for you. In fact, this is certainly one of the best pool floaties available with its sturdy design that can be used on the pool and even double as a piece of patio furniture. You can get this chair in 10 different colors so that everyone can enjoy their separate seats.

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2. A Giant Unicorn

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Who doesn’t love a little magic? This giant unicorn float is one of the best pool floaties you can find with its Instagram-worthy style. The 8-foot long floatie can hold multiple people at once, making it great for your next water gathering. With its soft-touch design, this unicorn will send you dreaming on any body of water.

3. Zen Lounge Chair

For the ultimate lounging experience, this lounge chair is exactly what you need. This ultimate pool floatie is complete with cupholders and has back and leg support to keep you comfortable. With a built-in pillow, you might even take a snooze in this water-bound lounge chair.

4. Seashell

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Ready to reenact the Little Mermaid? You’ll need this giant seashell floatie by your side. This shell float can be blown up within a few minutes using a hairdryer, making it one of the best pool floaties you can find. You can also easily tie multiple seashells together to make one large float.

5. Cecil the Sea Serpent

How can you not smile around Cecil the pool floatie? This pool float has a large, open design making it easy for you to cool off while relaxing on the water.

6. White Marble Tube

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This tube is a stylish take on a classic floatie. With your choice of white or black marble, you’ll stay super stylish while chilling in the pool. The sophisticated tube is easy to inflate and has a soft, vinyl exterior for a super plush feel.

7. Capri Inflatable Lounger

This inflatable lounge floatie will seamlessly transition from the patio to the pool. The unique curve design properly supports your back while relaxing, making it one of the best pool floaties available. With 4 vibrant color options, you’re sure to find a great lounger for your tastes.

8. The Swan

Swans look great in a pond, but they look even better in a pool. This giant swan floatie is over 6 feet long and can support multiple people at once, making it an instant pool party hit.

9. Unicorn Cupholders

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You’ve got to put your drink somewhere, so why not a whimsical pool floatie? This 6-pack of floatie cupholders can be used in the water or on the beach or patio. You can also use the floatie as a phone holder.

10. Big League Float

Any baseball fans out there? This big league baseball mitt shaped float is one of the best pool floaties you can find. The inflatable baseball glove is sure to be a home run with its durable, oversized design.

11. Put a Ring on It

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This diamond ring-shaped floatie will have you hearing wedding bells as you float out on the pool or ocean. It comes with a repair patch and can be inflated in less than 3 minutes making it one of the best pool floaties you can find.

12. Chill Out Floating Cooler

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Don’t forget your drinks! This floating cooler makes it easy for you to stay hydrated while out in the hot sun.

13. Hello Kitty Tube

Need a super cute pool floatie? This Hello Kitty tube makes a great photo prop and keeps you adequately cool on a hot summer’s day.

14. Key West Water Hammock

Stay nice and cool in this water hammock. The floatie will have you super relaxed on the water, complete with neck and leg support.

15. A Big Bow

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This adorable giant bow floatie is perfect for the pool and stands out with its bright red look. You’ll rest easy on this float with its large, soft vinyl design.

Whichever floatie you choose, you’re bound to have a great time having fun in the sun. Enjoy sprawling out in one of these conversation-worthy tubes.

Floating away in the pool is a great way to spend your summer time, if you’re looking for more great summer ideas give this Summer Activities Article a read!

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