BREO BOX Review – Un-Boxing The 2020 Spring Box

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Subscription Boxes have come in waves over the last decade or so, each one with their own unique twist. There’s a box for different coffee flavors, a box for the latest makeup trends and even boxes for your best furry friend. But what about a subscription box that surprises you every month with cool and unique gadgets and items you never even knew you needed? That’s where BREO BOX comes in. This BREO BOX review video below should help you get a peak into what BREO BOX is.

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Un-Boxing BREO BOX

What is BREO BOX?

BREO BOX is a monthly subscription box for both men and women. Every month, different products ranging from home goods, tech gadgets, fitness products and lifestyle commodities are delivered straight to you in a neat box.

We took a look at the Spring 2020 Box, to give you an idea of all the awesome stuff that you can be surprised with.

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BREO BOX Products We Received

The Body Scrubber (Typically $15 in store)

Made from 100% antibacterial silicone, this body scrubber collects less germs than a loofa, is dishwasher safe and incredibly soft for your skin. A high quality body scrubber may not be something you’d to a shopping search for, but this scrubber makes showering even better.

While we are on the topic of self-care, how about beard care? Check out Dollar Shave Club and join the shaving club that everyone has been talking about!

Bed Scrunchie (Typically $59.95 in store)

Do you ever leave your hotel room and think, “Wow, I wish my bed was as comfortable as this”. You’re in luck with this bed scrunchie. This scrunchie removes any folds or wrinkles in your bedding by clipping to the edge of the bed sheets or mattress topper and sliding underneath the mattress. Military corners? Check. Hotel bed look? Check. Goodnight sleep? Most definitely.


Greater Goods Digital Luggage Scale (Typically $7.99 in store)

For any of you frequent flyers of the past and the future, this digital luggage scale is awesome to keep your luggage weight at check. Baggage fees are no joke people, so better to be safe than sorry when packing for that destination vacation. Maximum weight of 110lb.

Mocha Java Cadena Coffee (Typically $25 in store)

BREOBOX Review 6

Coffee for a king! Or at least for someone with impeccable taste. Not only do these grounds give a great taste, the brand is working for a great cause. Supporting their brand helps support fair trade and organic farmers in remote and developing regions in the world. You’ll also get 10% off on your next order!

Shop Haus Manual Coffee Grinder (Typically $24.95 in store)

BREOBOX Review 7

No coffee king can go without their coffee grinder! Portable, non-powered and a vintage feel, this coffee grinder is high quality with adjustable grind settings in order to get perfectly uniform coffee grounds. Treat your grounds the way they should be treated, people.

Phonesoap Pro (Typically $119.95 in store)

Breo Box Review 9

This one is the biggie people. The crème de la crème. The Phonesoap Pro kills 99.99% of bacteria on your phones in just 5 minutes. Do you know how dirty our phones are? In current times, with hygiene being of utmost importance (as it always should be), having a filthy phone is a no-no. What’s great about the Phonesoap Pro is while the phone is being cleaned, an audio output exists in the device to allow you to charge the phone while also being able to hear your notifications. Clean those hands, clean those phones!

SpreadThat II Serrated Warming Butter Knife (Typically $19.95 in store)

Now this one, you definitely haven’t heard of. This butter knife uses body heat from your palm in order to make it easier to spread butter on your food. Body heat. Butter knife. Science is amazing. Again, BREO BOX is making our lives easier in ways we couldn’t have even imagined.

The BREO BOX Final Tally and the Price

Not only did we get wonderful items in this box that are sure to make our lives easier, the total value of this box if we had bought these items separately is $272.29.

For a subscription box sent every 3 months, you pay only $159 or an annual subscription of $579 (a $45 discount). That value alone is astonishing, and makes these items well worth it. Not only are you getting products that are useful and make your life easier, these are things you may well have never thought or heard of before.

BREO BOX is sure to keep you on your toes in 2020 with an assortment of fun gadgets and unique products. Now is the time to check it out.

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