Can I Do Data Entry Jobs from Home?

Do you want to work in a great position that has a lot of opportunities for growth and expansion? Are you looking to work from your house? Data entry jobs from home can provide you with the great opportunities and flexibility you seek.

Can I Do Data Entry Jobs from Home?

But, before you start applying to data entry work from home jobs, you need to know what kinds of opportunities are available to you on ZipRecruiter.

Below, we’ll go into the best types of data entry that you can do from the comfort of your home (or anywhere in the world). If you want to find the right role for you, keep reading!

Data Entry Clerk

data entry jobs from home

As the #1 job search site in the United States, ZipRecruiter has many different types of data entry work from home jobs. When you create a free profile, you’ll have the opportunity to browse through hundreds of data entry jobs. The platform will also send your profile to employers who might be interested in hiring you. If the employers think you might serve as a good fit, they’ll invite you to apply. If you get one of these invitations, you’re 3 times as likely to get a job offer!

But what types of jobs should you look for on ZipRecruiter? If you’re looking to get into a data entry career but don’t know what type of data entry would be right for you, look into starting as a data entry clerk. These types of work from home data entry jobs ask you to input information from one source to another. The information can be written or numerical or both, depending on the position.

Companies may require this type of data entry clerk to have comfort working with different forms of database software. Make sure you check the job application carefully for information on what you need to know.

Data Entry Keyer

data entry jobs from home

If you want to work data entry jobs from home but spend less time typing, you might want to become a data entry keyer.

Data entry keyers are usually employed by companies who want to transfer their hard copies to a computerized system. As such, data entry keyers are responsible for scanning and uploading documents into the database.

This type of job is ideal for people who are comfortable handling confidential company information and have a high degree of organization.


data entry jobs from home

Do you love typing? Do you prefer to listen to something while you work?

If so, becoming a transcriptionist might be the right career for you. When you transcribe, you’ll listen to a recording and then type out the information into a report. Then, the report will get uploaded into the database.

Transcriptionists need high attention to detail and an ability to hear and interpret speech that may sometimes not sound clear. They often use software to help them make out the speech and edit it.


data entry jobs from home

Typists are necessary in a wide range of industries because of the need to write out important data.

A good typist will have strong typing skills and be comfortable entering information on text documents and reports. It may also require a degree of creativity. Although you can’t alter the information, you may need to figure out how to represent it on the document!

As such, this is another of the great data entry jobs from home available to people who love typing.

Customer Service Data Entry

data entry jobs from home

If you love working with customers, you might want to consider looking at customer service data entry work from home jobs.

Companies employ customer service data entry professionals to take care of customer accounts and requests. These employees need customer service skills, such as communication. They’ll also need to know how to type and use account management software.

These professionals may have to handle customers who have complaints against the company and file them in a specific database. So, you need to think about whether you want to handle dissatisfied customers before you get into customer service data entry.

Paralegal/Medical Data Entry

data entry jobs from home

If you want to do work from home data entry jobs but have always wanted to work in the legal or medical field, you should consider becoming a paralegal or medical data entry professional.

These professionals help law firms and clinics by entering important data on cases into a database. This helps the lawyer or doctor succeed at their work by keeping all their information organized.

Finding Data Entry Jobs from Home

Now that you know some of the data entry jobs from home that are available, you need to figure out where you can find them.

ZipRecruiter lets you browse thousands of data entry job listings. These positions are available from employers all over the country, and you can even apply to them in 1 click, saving you time.

Ready to find your ideal job? Start using ZipRecruiter today!

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