Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals for Tech and Digital Products

It’s no secret that Cyber Monday is the absolute best time to do all of your online shopping. And now, many shoppers are deciding to stay at home for Black Friday and skip the lines, because of Cyber Monday. Not only can you find Cyber Monday deals for common Black Friday products like TVs, clothes, and more, you have the added benefit of finding great deals on products for your devices and electronics.

Cyber Monday Deals for Tech and Digital Products

If you’re spending a lot of time on your computer, there’s probably software and digital products you’re interested in. We compiled some of the best deals we found for Cyber Monday to add to your subscription list.

1. McAfee – Total Protection Plan

Best Antivirus

Keeping your computer well protected is a goal everyone should have during the holiday season (and year-round). Especially with folks working from home long term now, we’re on our devices a lot in the modern age. That means lots of your data and info are potentially being targeted by third parties. Using an internet security tool like McAfee’s Total Protection is a good way to keep all of your data and info protected. Included in their package is:

  • AntiVirus Software
  • Firewall
  • Password Manager
  • File Shredder
  • Identity Protection Service
  • Pc Optimization
  • Virtual Private Network
  • Parental Controls
  • More


From 11/28 to 12/1, shoppers in the US can get savings on these deals:

  • McAfee Total Protection 10 devices 2 Year: $10 ($79.99 to $69.99)
  • McAfee Total Protection 5 devices 2 Year: $10 ($69.99 to $59.99)

2. Animoto

If you’re big into graphic design, or just need assets for your business, Animoto is an awesome subscription to have. Animoto is a video creation service that allows you to produce all types of digital media. They host thousands of different stock images, music, video clips, and more. Whether you’re just starting out creating content, or are a seasoned expert, Animoto has something for everybody. And for the holiday season, they have this awesome deal:

  • Cyber Monday offer: 40% off, live until December 7th, 2021

Animoto has 3 different paid packages that you can get big savings on:

  • Basic ($8/mo.)
  • Professional ($15/mo.)
  • Professional Plus ($39/mo.)

3. Hulu

The holiday season is a great time to enjoy all of your favorite holiday classics. And there’s no better way to experience these than with streaming services. Streaming allows you to have thousands of different movies, television shows, and more all from one place, and in one subscription. So no worries about breaking out the old DVD player in order to watch your favorite Christmas movie. And one of the best streaming services is of course Hulu.

They’ve got great Cyber Monday deals this year including ________ running from 11/25 until 11/29.

4. Udacity

The holiday season is a perfect time to relax from your daily life, and possibly learn something new heading into the new year. If you’ve been meaning to pick up a hobby or add to your knowledge about a certain subject, taking an online course is a good way to do this. And some of the best online courses can be found through Udacity. They host thousands of courses, from learning to play guitar to becoming familiar with Excel. No matter what you’re looking to learn, you should be able to find it through Udacity.

And for Cyber Monday, Udacity is running a buy one, gift one free Nanodegree program. Their Nanodegree program helps to teach you all the skills you’ll need in the tech sector, including “Intro to Programming” and “Becoming a Growth Product Manager”. So this deal is great if you’re looking to learn about the industry, and want to gift the same to a friend or colleague.

5. InPixio

If you’re a part-time photographer and/or photo editor, or perhaps you’re looking to gift a photo editing service to someone who is, InPixio is a great service for just that. They offer comprehensive digital photo editing software and are great for both beginners and advanced editors. And they have great options for Cyber Monday deals this year:

From November 21st to December 5th, 92% off the inPixio Photo Studio 11 Ultimate. This is their top offer, and also includes over 12,500 bonus content and effects to use!

Holiday Gift Ideas

Get the most out of your Cyber Monday deals this year by checking out all of the great promotions that software companies are running! And if you’re looking to gift to someone you know, all of these software and subscriptions are great gift ideas for the holidays too!

It’s almost crunch time when it comes to getting your Christmas gifts. This year, we suggest shopping as early as possible. You can never have enough ideas, so take a look at these other gift ideas that will help round out your Christmas list!

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, Talk District may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page.

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