How To Get Ready For Your July 4th Celebration

4th Of July Party Ideas 8

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There are a million things to love about July 4th. It’s when summer is in full swing with barbecues, pool parties and the best festive foods that you can eat. July 4th is the perfect time to celebrate and honor America and it’s rich history with some July 4th popsicles, or other fun patriotic treats and decorations. If you are throwing a 4th of July bash at your home and really want to wow your guests, it’s time to pull out all of the showstoppers and get ready for your 4th of July party. Keep reading for our 4th of July party ideas and make your 4th of July bash one that would make the founding fathers proud.

4th of July Party Ideas

1. Hang Up Your Flag

You can’t have a patriotic scene without an American flag. Whether you’re up for installing a front-entry flagpole or just want to have an in-ground flagpole in the backyard, make sure that you follow the Flag Code, which states the proper guidelines for displaying the American flag. If you’re going to follow any of our 4th of July party ideas, this one is a must-do!

2. Stick To The Color Scheme

Get out your patriotic party decorations from Etsy or purchase new ones to celebrate the 4th. Red, white and blue streamers can be hung around the backyard, doorways and even tied to ceiling fans so they blow in the wind. Your July 4th bash will obviously need great food, which means you’ll also need disposable plates, napkins and utensils! Be sure to pick up some festive ones that show off the country’s color scheme.

3. Stock Up On Food And Alcohol

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A successful 4th of July bash needs tons of great festive food and alcohol! You’ll want to start thinking of meals and snacks that you can present to your guests on the big day. A classic 4th of July party includes a menu full of grilled meats and American fare. Check out stores like Mr Steak and Wild Alaskan Company for great quality meats and seafood delivered straight to your door for your 4th of July party. For your July 4th celebration, buy a big pack of hamburger patties, hot dogs, steak, shrimp, chicken and any other meat that you want to throw on the grill. Looking for meat or seafood? Here are the best places!

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Now, onto the alcoholic beverages that you need for your party. Don’t worry, you don’t need fancy, festive cocktails for your July 4th bash. Plenty of beer from Craft Beer Club and wine from Saucey will be perfect for your backyard celebrations! However, if you do want to make some fancy cocktails, get your hands on some tasty cocktail mixers!

4. Prepare Fun Activities For The Day

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Serving food is just one of the many activities that you and your guests can enjoy at your 4th of July party. If it’s going to be a hot day, set up a kiddie pool for all of the young ones on your guest list. Trust us, the adults are likely going to be dipping their feet in there as well after a couple of hours in the heat. It’s also important to have a fun Apple Music playlist ready for the celebration. If you and your party guests are into true crime and mysteries, break out Hunt a Killer for a fun party activity! Sort through the evidence and crack the cold case with your friends and family. Looking for more fun activity ideas? Give this article on Fun Things to Do at Home with Family or Friends article a read!

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5. Set Up The Yard

You’re going to want to make sure the indoors are clean and ready for partygoers, but you can’t forget about your backyard! After all, most of the fun is going to be had outdoors in the yard. Your guests are going to be enjoying soaking up the sun, splashing around in the kiddie pool or watching the fireworks at night. Be sure to set up your Traeger grill far from the house to ensure that you’re not pumping smoke indoors. Set up a picnic table with enough place settings for all of your guests and scatter around some noisemakers too! Jazz up your yard with patriotic decorations and you’re good to go!

6. Fight Off The Bugs

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Don’t let mosquitoes or other stinging insects ruin your 4th of July celebrations! Fend off these pesky insects by lighting a few mosquito coils around the house and garden, this will repel mosquitos for up to 8 hours. To avoid flies, be sure to wrap up your food in saran wrap after consuming. These pesky bugs won’t keep you from enjoying your outdoor festivities!

7. Set Up Your Own Fireworks Display

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What would the 4th of July be without a fireworks display? If some types of consumer fireworks are legal in your state, set up your own fireworks display in your backyard! However, it’s critical that you do your research in order to protect yourself and your guests by knowing how to prevent a fire or an emergency-room visit. Lay down a Big Blanket, so the entire party can get comfy and cozy to watch the fireworks!

We hope you enjoyed our article on our top 4th of July party ideas and that we could help you prepare for your big 4th of July backyard bash!

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