Kelly Services vs. ZipRecruiter: Which is Better?

The internet has completely reworked the way people find jobs. Job applicants have a wide variety of online job search options available to them. Kelly Services and ZipRecruiter are two popular options people use to get hired.

Yet, not all job search sites work equally well. So, how do you know if you should use Kelly Services or ZipRecruiter?

Kelly Services vs. ZipRecruiter: Which is Better?

Below, we’ll get into the pros and cons of using each one. By the time you finish this article, you should be able to see which platform is likely to guarantee you the most success in your job hunt!

The Pros of Using ZipRecruiter

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ZipRecruiter has earned the title of #1 job search site in the United States, and it’s well-deserved. This innovative platform has turned the search for a job into less work for the job hunters. Instead of forcing workers to spend hours combing through job postings, the platform matches them with positions. Even better, it shows them how well their skills and experience align with the job’s requirements!

So, when candidates use ZipRecruiter, they know exactly which positions to focus on. They can avoid wasting time applying to jobs from which they might never hear back. As if that wasn’t a good enough deal, ZipRecruiter also shows candidate profiles to employers. Then, an employer can indicate their interest in a candidate by inviting them to apply for a position. If you get invited to apply, your chances to get hired triple!

Of course, ZipRecruiter also allows job seekers to browse through job postings on their own. To do this, they only need to know the types of work they’re looking for. Then, they can enter their preferred position into the search bar.

If needed, job hunters can also search by location. ZipRecruiter’s search function includes a field in which users can type in their preferred region and even salary comparisons. Then, the site will prioritize showing you results from that area. This is especially helpful if you’re looking to move to a new city. If you need remote work, simply type “Remote” into the search bar.

The Cons of Using ZipRecruiter

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When it comes to job search sites, ZipRecruiter is the best out there. As such, it’s difficult to find a disadvantage of using the site.

ZipRecruiter functions so much like a staffing agency that some people might assume it is one. It’s not, though. Most of ZipRecruiter’s functions are automated, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less reliable.

In fact, even Kelly Services uses ZipRecruiter to help them recruit new talent! Because of this, you can rest assured that ZipRecruiter has the approval of other job-hunting sites.

The Pros of Using Kelly Services

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Kelly Services is a promising recruitment platform that connects potential employees to employers. As a company, Kelly Services is dedicated to keeping up with the preferences and needs of job candidates and the businesses who hire them.

Kelly Services pairs you with an individual recruiter who takes a look at your resume, your skills, and your job preferences. The recruiter gets to know you and where you want to take your career next.

Then, they try to match you with employers who are looking to hire people like you (convince them you’re the right person by learning how to dress for the interview). This personal touch gives job seekers an advantage because employers know a recruitment professional already thinks the candidate is a good fit.

In fact, at Kelly Services, finding the best fit is a necessary step in the process to get hired. Kelly Services doesn’t just stop at looking at your skills. Instead, the recruiters there look at you as a whole person.

The Cons of Using Kelly Services

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Even though there are many pros to using Kelly Services to get hired (learn whether your offer letter is legitimate), there are also a few disadvantages.

First of all, the individual recruiter model isn’t perfect. Recruiters are human and can only spend so much time getting to know each candidate. So, recruiters can’t always guarantee a good fit. Likewise, Kelly Services has helped fewer job candidates than ZipRecruiter. On an annual basis, Kelly Services helps 440,000 job candidates. On the other hand, ZipRecruiter has 25 million monthly active users.

So, Which Should You Use?

We hope this article has helped you decide whether you should use Kelly Services or ZipRecruiter! In truth, both platforms give you the ability to connect with great employers. But ZipRecruiter gives you more opportunities, providing you with high-quality matches.

In addition, ZipRecruiter makes it easy for you to apply. Once you create your free profile, you can apply with just 1 click, saving you time.

Want to get hired with ease? Learn how to ace your interviews!

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