New Hobbies to Pick Up This Year

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The one silver lining of the pandemic and remote working means that lots of people have had extra time. People have been able to take on new hobbies and really hone their talents. In the following guide, we highlight some of the best new hobbies to pick up this year.

New Hobbies to Pick Up This Year

Having a hobby, whether it’s tech, models, or drones, is important for some people’s mental health. The more diverse your hobbies are, the more fulfilled you’re likely to feel in your life. So, check out this list and start collecting hobbies!


Following the success of The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix, chess has been enjoying something of a resurgence. Sharper Image’s electronic lighted chess set is a great way to get to grips with chess and is suitable for the whole family. 

Develop new skills

Taking up a hobby for fun is one thing, but some can even lead to a lucrative career. Courses like from Udemy are a great way of passing the evenings, and as a bonus, you can pick up valuable skills that could make 2021 an even happier new year.

The food of love

Food has been a big part of most people’s lives, so why not continue the theme by grabbing some new skills? Sur La Table’s Cooking School offers informal, affordable, and socially distanced cooking classes to help you up your game in the kitchen this upcoming year. You can also find a lot of the kitchen and dining items you need at Anthropologie to help you when you take virtual or in-person cooking classes!

The big picture

If you want to unleash your creative side, SkillShare is packed full of expert classes on subjects such as painting, graphic design, and digital photography. Classes are available for all ages and levels so you’ll be in good company as you complete your hands-on learning. Be sure to check out Photoshop Tutorials for Beginners – Photoshop Platforms to help take your new photography skills to the next level!


Gardening is known to be one of the most therapeutic hobbies available. You can find all the gardening tools you need when you shop at HSN. They have entire gardening sets that you mean you don’t even have to look for yourself before being completely prepared for your new hobby!

The great news is that you can enjoy getting green fingers even if you don’t have an actual garden. This fantastic Bonsai Kit allows you to grow your own small but perfectly formed Bonsai tree indoors.

Sew far so good

new hobbiesSewing is a great all-weather hobby, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll be surprised how much money you can save. Joann’s YouTube tutorial is the perfect beginner class for those looking for new hobbies to try, who are picking up their needles for the first time.

Start a Podcast

new hobbiesGot something to say? Why not try launching your own podcast to help you share your views with others? There are many easy and affordable ways of getting started with podcasting, and who knows?  You may just turn out to be the next podcast sensation!

A great hobby by design

finding a hobby

Ever looked at a T-Shirt or dish towel design and thought “I could do better than that?” Now’s your chance – Canva—with it’s free templates and user-friendly functions—quickly and easily gets you on your way to creating your own designs to be turned into art or clothing.

Etsy inspiration

finding a hobby

If you’re looking for inspiration in finding a hobby, Etsy has literally thousands of ideas to choose from – so you’re sure to find the one that’s right for you. For instance, this solar printing craft kit will help you create works of art while being therapeutic and crafty at the same time!

Get some moves

finding a hobbyYou may have decided that you’ll be moving to your own beat – and these hip-hop dancing classes from Udemy can help get you moving. If hip hop isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other courses to choose from including salsa and ballet. 

A bird in the hand

Bird watching is a nice relaxing hobby – and one you can do from your own garden if you have one. Arm yourself with top-notch equipment, like this smartphone binocular set, and wait for your feathered friends to visit, For more products check out Sharper Image which brings the newest innovations to Your door

Hobby On 

Finding a new hobby can definitely be a hit or miss. And it’s important to remember that your chosen hobby doesn’t have to be popular or ‘cool’. It should be exactly what makes you happy and fills your time without stressing you out. That said, you may have to try a few before you find the perfect fit. However, it can lead to a passion that can last a lifetime. 

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, Talk District may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the

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