Night Shift Jobs That Pay Well in 2022

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Night shift jobs have long been seen as a lower-level type of job. Due to late hours and lack of flexibility, they’ve mostly been undesirable jobs. But night shift jobs are a necessity for many industries and fit many people’s schedules. For those who have unique schedules and can only work at night, night shift jobs might be their only avenue for work. So if you find yourself needing to work night shifts, you might be looking for jobs that pay well and can be an enjoyable working experience for you. Below are a few of the best-paying night shift jobs in 2022.

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Night Shift Jobs That Pay Well

There are many night shift jobs that pay well, but you may need to search around a little to find one that works best for you. The positions listed below are available in most towns or cities in the United States, so you should be able to find one that doesn’t require you to relocate.

To find a good position near you, create a profile on ZipRecruiter. Then, you’ll be asked to upload your resume and specify what skills you have. ZipRecruiter will use this information to match you with employers who are looking to hire. The platform’s matching technology will even send your profile to employers, and they can choose to invite you to apply!

If you get more than 1 offer, learn how to decide which one to accept.

1. Bartender

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Bartending is a position that is needed more frequently at night. Due to bars typically being open until 2 am, a bartender’s night shift might run from 6pm to 2am. While base pay is typically low starting for a bartender, depending on the establishment you work at, you can have a good opportunity for making a large number of tips. Since it’s typical for patrons to tip after ordering a drink, you can receive tips frequently.

To be a bartender, you’ll likely need to have a license to serve alcohol or whatever guidelines your state requires. You need to be personable and communicative with guests, and you also need to be able to work at a quick pace. Bars can get busy. This means you should be able to manage your time well and not get overwhelmed easily.

2. Flight Attendant

Since airlines fly constantly, even at night, flight attendants are in a growing position. With a median US salary of around $60,000 a year, being a flight attendant can be a full-time career. The only requirement typically needed is a high school diploma, but you will need to go through training. You’ll need to be personable and will need good people skills. You’ll also need to have a good sense of problem-solving. As a bonus, you can even travel at a much lower expense depending on the airline you work with.

3. Police Officer

For night shift jobs, this can be seen more as a long-term career. Police officers are a profession that works around the clock. Often, when starting out, junior officers will work the less desirable shifts, including night shifts. So, becoming a police officer is a well-paying job that can easily fit into your schedule right away. Police officers typically make $30 an hour on average in the U.S. and have loads of perks and benefits as public servants. No higher education is required, but you do need to complete training that typically ranges from 13 to 19 weeks.

4. Air Traffic Controller

This night shift job has the most potential for higher earnings. On average, an air traffic controller can make up to $60 an hour. You will need an associate’s degree or higher, and this position requires long-term job training, as it is an extremely important position. Growth in the field is limited over the next decade, so it will take some dedication to work in this field.

Your responsibility as an air traffic controller is to direct the movement between airplanes that are both departing and arriving at your airport. You will need to be extremely knowledgeable in the field and must be able to communicate well with pilots. You’ll also need good problem-solving skills and incredible attention to detail.

5. Freelance Worker

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If you have a particular skill that many are looking for, consider working as a freelance worker. This can include writing, web development, voice-over artistry, and more. Because these jobs are freelance and are done on your own time, you can choose to do your work during the night hours. On average, and depending on your portfolio and skill level, these positions can usually charge up to $40 an hour. You’ll need to be organized, efficient, and open to feedback from those hiring you.

Get More Out of Your Night Shift Jobs

If you want to find the best night shift jobs near you, it’s important to get on platforms like ZipRecruiter. Make sure you know which types of work you’re most interested in so you can narrow down your options. Then, finesse your interviewing skills!

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