Office Checklist for the Holidays – What to Do Before Leaving

With the holidays approaching, you’re likely planning to be out of the office for an extended time. Before you get ready for your long vacation, it’s important to take care of all of your responsibilities beforehand. While you may be out for the holidays, you don’t want anything slipping through the cracks regarding your work. So it’s best to create an office checklist for the holidays that will keep you organized before leaving.

Office Checklist for the Holidays 

It’s better to start planning in advance so you can add to the list and make sure you aren’t missing anything. Below are just a few common things everyone should be taking care of before going on break.

1. Set a Holiday Out of Office on Your E-mail

This one is standard but is the most important. Especially if you work with clients daily, you’ll want to set an out-of-office message notifying your customers and clients. Ideally, you should be setting this well in advance to notify those you work with you’ll be unavailable for a specific time frame. This will give clients time to connect with you and take care of their business with you before you’re off for vacation. Consider adding a notice to the bottom of your e-mail a few weeks before your holiday, or even send out an e-mail to notify everyone. Once you are out of the office, be sure to set an automatic response that you are unavailable. You can also find awesome e-mail templates for your out-of-office message from companies like Envato Elements.

2. Notify Colleagues and Coordinate Responsibility Forwarding

If your company isn’t one that goes on holiday together, it’s likely that operations might still continue. When considering an office checklist for the holidays, your daily responsibilities are a top priority. If you are taking your own time off, it’s good to notify your colleagues in advance. You also should be coordinating who your responsibilities will be going to. If you’re still expecting operations to continue for your position, shift the work to a colleague, and notify clients to contact them directly.

3. Make Sure Your Office Devices Stay Updated

With the long-term absence you’ll take, your computer and devices will be idle for long periods as well. Make sure to schedule any updates for your computer and office equipment. This helps to avoid taking time away from your workday when you arrive back waiting on updates.

4. Clean Up Your Desk and Surrounding Area

It might feel like something you’ll want to wait on doing until you return, but it’s best to take care of cleaning your area (with a desk organizer from Etsy) before you head off for a break. You want to make sure when you return to work that you can hit the ground running. Having to worry about cleaning your space or attending to other details takes away from your work. Also, make sure you haven’t left any food or items in the company refrigerator and kitchen space.

5. Take Any Valuables With You

You should always be planning for the worst when taking a long holiday. Since you won’t be in the office, you won’t have direct oversight of the valuables that you keep at work. So, make sure to take anything of personal importance with you when you leave. This might be chargers, photos, collectibles, or anything of that matter.

The best way to stay organized leading up to your departure is to create your own office checklist for the holidays. You might have your own individual responsibilities and things to do that need to be checked off. So take some time in advance to put a list together, and work off the list the week before you head out.

Enjoy Your Holiday

The last and most important thing to check off of your list though is to enjoy your holiday! Time off work is a valuable time to dedicate to yourself and those around you. Don’t spend time worrying about the office checklist for the holidays, and spend time focusing on your loved ones.

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, Talk District may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the

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