Should I Send an Interview Thank You Email?

So, you’ve found a job on ZipRecruiter and had a great interview. You want to make sure you leave the hiring manager with a good impression of you. You’ve read that some people send an interview thank you email after the session. But you’re not sure if doing so would leave a bad taste in the interviewer’s mouth.

When determining whether you need to send a thank you email after Zoom interview sessions, you should be aware of the best practices. Below, we’ll let you know about these practices and show you how to perfect your follow-up letters.

If you want to increase your chances of scoring another interview or getting the job, keep reading to learn about the best thank you emails!

When to Send an Interview Thank You Email

interview thank you email

When you apply to jobs on ZipRecruiter, you’re more likely to find jobs you’re interested in applying to. After you create a free account, you can browse thousands of job openings to find your dream career. You’ll also be matched to employers who are looking for your skills and experience. They can invite you to apply for jobs. If you send in an application, you’re three times as likely to get hired!

But first, you’ll need to impress the hiring manager during the interview phase. Most experts agree that it’s best to send an interview thank you email after your session. The only exception to this is when a company explicitly asks you not to reach out.

Why is sending a good interview thank you email the recommendation? The reason is that personal connection matters when you’re trying to get a job. Hiring managers are more likely to hire people with whom they feel a positive rapport. So, you should use your thank you email to establish or further that type of connection.

Writing Your Thank You Email

interview thank you email

How do you write your thank you email?

The best interview thank you email after Zoom interview sessions is brief and to the point. Your hiring manager has to get through a lot of candidate profiles. They also likely have other, competing job demands. If you send a lengthy email, they might get annoyed, regardless of how well you write the message.

So, you should sit down and think of everything you want to say. Boil it down to the bare bones of your message. Your email should include a few key items, however. We’ll get into them in the following sections.

Opening the Email

When you open your email, you should address it to the hiring manager. Use “Mr./Ms.” followed by the person’s name.

Use a professional opening salutation. In most cases, the words “Dear” and “Hello” work quite well.

Writing the Body of the Email

In the next paragraph, thank them for taking the time to talk to you. Tell them you enjoyed learning more about the position. Express your appreciation for the potential opportunity to work with the company.

Then, share your excitement about the potential to make a change by carrying out the role’s responsibilities. This subtly shows the hiring manager that you’re willing to put in the work and strive to make an impact.

Closing the Email

In the closing paragraph, offer to answer any additional questions the hiring manager may have. Encourage the interviewer to reach out if they need anything else from you. Tell them you look forward to hearing from them.

Then, choose an appropriate closing salutation. Some of the best closing salutations include “Sincerely,” and “Regards.” Both are professional but warm and friendly.

Focus on Your Tone

When you write your interview thank you email, you should try to strike the balance between sounding professional and sounding too stiff. Being too stiff might make you appear uptight. This impression won’t work well for employers who want to foster a more friendly work culture.

On the other hand, you don’t want to appear overly friendly and casual. Doing so might tell the hiring manager that you’re too unprofessional to work at the company. So, you should try to remain both enthusiastic and professional. Act excited about the position but keep your tone polite.

Ready to Get More Interviews?

If you’re not at the point where you can write an interview thank you email yet, ZipRecruiter can help. Once you create a free account, you’ll get matched with jobs that are in line with the ones you want in the future. Then, you can apply to them with just one click!

ZipRecruiter also shows you which jobs for which you’re an excellent match. So, you can prioritize applying to the jobs from which you’re most likely to hear back. As such, you’ll get more interviews. Create your ZipRecruiter account today to start hearing back from more employers!

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