Tax Season Tips with Financial Resources

Let’s face it, nobody actually looks forward to tax season. In fact, a huge amount of people put off doing taxes until the last minute every single year, despite numerous warnings and reminders. It probably won’t ever be at the top of your list of fun things to do. Although dealing with filing returns and refunds doesn’t need to be taxing. The following tax season tips guide will help you get ready for tax season without the headaches.

And if you’re like me and use tax season to get all of your financial needs in order, take a look at Smart Financial, which offers great prices on a variety of types of insurance (auto, home, life, medical, commercial, and more).

If you want to get started on your taxes now, you can save even more money with H&R Block. Their DIY tax filing products are 15% off!

Taking tax into account

tax season tips


You should always make sure that your accounts are in tip-top shape. If not, it can be a hassle when you’re up against the clock. Nonetheless, it will make life so much easier when tax time comes around again.

SurePayroll’s tax management solutions can help alleviate the stress of tax season for small business owners. Their online payroll system automatically calculates taxes, and files taxes on your behalf. With SurePayroll, you can feel confident that your tax filings are accurate and on time, so you can focus on growing your business.

Using the Right Platform

If you want a financial resource that will take you step-by-step through the filing process, you’ll want to take advantage of the 15% off sale for H&R Block’s DIY tax products. Designed for all types of individuals and small businesses, the products will take you through the tax filing process and help you make sure you’ve reported everything you need. If you have questions, tax pros will be on hand to help you. Take advantage of this deal until April 18th!

Happy returns this tax season

If you’ve decided to go it alone and do your own tax returns, use the best resources. There are a few tools at your disposal to point you in the right direction. For instance, Credit Karma Tax can be a helpful resource. This one comes from the people who brought you an easier way to monitor your credit, which means taxes will be easier too!

Paper trail

One of the best tax season tips is that it’s never too early to start gathering your documentation for tax season. In fact, starting super early gives you a chance to review and revise. Most importantly, it will allow you time to spot any errors to avoid issues with the taxman. Netsuite’s accounting system can help you to identify and generate the documents that you’ll need to complete before the deadline to avoid any complications.


Dotting the i’s

In addition to your actual tax documentation, there are a lot of things to keep in mind coming up to tax season. Some of these are:

Spending – Before tax season, it’s a good idea to spend your FSA if you have one. You can keep on top of this with an Acorns Spend Debit Card which will automatically save and invest for you.

Credit Score – It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on your credit score. Especially, before and after tax season to ensure that your business’s financial health is in great shape. You can do this quickly and easily with Credit Karma’s online credit scoring tool.

Investments – Any investments that you may have can be added to the mix when it comes to all things tax and there are plenty of sites out there like Ellevest which will walk you through the investment process and give you handy printouts and downloads for your records.

Refunds – Getting hold of tax refunds can be somewhat like pulling teeth. However, the process doesn’t need to be painful if you arm yourself with a handy tool.

By using some of these tools and tax season tips, finishing up taxes should be relatively smooth sailing. As long as you make sure that you leave plenty of time for potential corrections. However, if you find that you’re struggling, get in touch with a professional to point you in the right direction.

To make things easier moving forward check out Best Finance & Budget Apps and Best Finance Books for Beginners. If you want to grow your assets head over to How Does Investing Work? Investing in Stocks for Beginners.

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