What Are the Best Soft Skills to Use on a Resume?

The most successful professionals know that a resume should showcase all their skills. As such, many people focus on their knowledge, responsibilities, and qualifications. But soft skills also can influence whether you get a job.

Everyone has a variety of skills. Yet, not all these skills are equally marketable. So, you need to know which soft skills, such as adaptability and creativity, you should include in your resume. In this article, we let you know which of your soft skills you should focus on. Keep reading so that you can use your natural and learned talent to land your dream career.

What Are Soft Skills?

soft skills

Often, companies list soft skills in their job postings. But what are they?

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Your soft skills consist of any abilities you have that relate to how you work. These personal attributes come from both natural and honed talent. These aren’t technical skills or qualifications, either. In fact, they might not even stop being useful once you leave your career! A person who has strong soft skills might find themselves managing their lives and personal relationships in an easier fashion.

Why Do Employers Prefer Them?

soft skills

Soft skills fall under the transferrable skills category. This means they aren’t specific to a certain field or job.

As such, they can get used in a wide variety of situations. Someone who has soft skills will be useful to an employer in spaces such as business meetings, networking events, or even creative settings.

So, employers don’t just look for people with technical skills. As a job seeker, you should use ZipRecruiter to look for positions in which your particular soft skills would serve as an advantage. If you do this, you might stand out to the employer and increase your chances of landing an interview.

Which Are the Most Valuable?

soft skills

Now that we’ve gone over the question, “What are soft skills?” you’re ready to know which ones you should list on your resume.

Deciding which skills to showcase will depend on the type of job you’re wanting to secure. If you’re interested in a customer service job, you might want to highlight how well you work with people. On the other hand, people who prefer to work on creative teams might shine a spotlight on how they’ve honed their creative process.

Quite a few softs skills transfer over well regardless of the type of position you want. For instance, all work requires time management. Those who know how to divide a project into manageable chunks often work in the most efficient manner.

Likewise, workers who have developed the skills to work with a diverse group of people are increasingly essential to teams. As more companies embrace diversity and open-mindedness to new ideas and ways of doing things has also become a desirable trait.

How to Showcase Your Soft Skills on Your Resume

soft skills

Your resume will serve as your first introduction to a potential employer. As such, you need to include both your technical and soft skills in an easy-to-read fashion.

You should always start your resume with your most recent work experience. List the name of the last company for which you worked. Then, write out the responsibilities you had. Focus on the specific ways you contributed to the company.

For example, you can emphasize how you used your people-related soft skills to engage with customers or colleagues. Show off your creative side by talking about how you contributed to projects. If you have an analytical mind, talk about how you proactively spotted logistical issues.

You should also mention your soft skills in your cover letter. Doing so emphasizes to the hiring manager that they should hire you for both your qualifications and who you are as a person. For each soft skill you mention, come to the interview with examples ready. That way, if asked, you can prove that you have these skills.

Impress an Employer

Knowing about your soft skills can mean the difference between not getting an interview and landing your dream job.

When you use ZipRecruiter, you’ll have the opportunity to upload your resume and showcase your soft skills to the world. That way, your future employer can easily see what a great fit you are. Create your free account today to get started!


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