Where Do I Find Virtual Assistant Jobs?

With more companies switching to remote work, virtual assistant jobs are becoming increasingly popular. Being able to work from anywhere in the world is an enticing benefit that most people can only dream of. Thankfully, finding a virtual assistant job that allows you to work remotely isn’t as challenging as you might think.

Virtual Assistant Jobs

In this article, we’ll explain how to become a virtual assistant and where to look for open positions online! Hint: we recommend ZipRecruiter if you’re looking for a free job board. They have thousands of virtual assistant jobs where you can work anywhere in the world.

What Does a Virtual Assistant Do?

virtual assistant jobs

Virtual assistants provide support by helping with a variety of administrative tasks. Their duties range from scheduling appointments and making phone calls to managing email or booking travel arrangements. Virtual assistants wear many hats, and the exact role will depend on the company or individual you are working for.

The one difference to note between assistant and virtual assistant is that virtual assistant roles are remote. That means you can work anywhere you want (as long as you have a computer and reliable internet). You can find virtual assistant work and can also be freelance or part-time, which means you can take on several different clients if you choose.

Skills to be a Virtual Assistant

virtual assistant jobs

There are many virtual assistant jobs for entry-level, mid-level, or even experienced professionals. Here are a couple of skills you’ll want to master before applying for the job:

  • Communication: Because you’ll be working remotely, being able to communicate via email and phone is a must. It’s also beneficial to have good reading and writing skills as well.
  • Project and time management: Virtual assistants deal with many projects at once. It’s crucial that you can prioritize and juggle different tasks throughout the day.
  • Customer service: In some roles, you might be communicating with clients, partners, or other businesses. Being able to communicate in a friendly and professional manner is very important.
  • Data entry: Most virtual assistant jobs involve some level of data entry. Make sure you know how to format documents, conduct research, or even create presentations. It’s also important that you can type fast and accurately as well.

Where to Find Virtual Assistant Jobs

virtual assistant jobs

Now that you know how to become a virtual assistant, you’re ready to start looking for work. Thankfully, there are many free and paid sites where you can look for virtual assistant jobs.

One of the first places you should check out is ZipRecruiter. They have over 9 million jobs on their site, many of which are available remotely. You can search for virtual assistant jobs and filter the results based on employment type, company name, and even salary. There’s even a toggle switch that will only show you positions that are work from home.

You can upload your resume to the site to take advantage of the one-click application. We also recommend creating a profile, which will be shown to recruiters and hiring managers looking for new employees. To make your job search easier, download the ZipRecruiter app. That way, you’ll get notifications for new jobs that pop up, giving you the opportunity to apply before anyone else!

Benefits of Being a Virtual Assistant

virtual assistant jobs

One of the biggest benefits of being a virtual assistant is flexibility. Although you will have to work certain hours, you’ll be able to do them from anywhere you have internet! You’ll love working as a virtual assistant if you crave freedom and independence.

Most of your day-to-day duties are also varied, so you’ll always be doing something different. This is a great position for people who get bored easily or for those with a varying skill set.

More Job Resources

Whether they’re taking phone calls or transcribing documents, virtual assistants play an important role in any business. If you’re ready to start your career, then create a free ZipRecruiter account for available virtual assistant positions. And don’t forget to brush up on your interviewing skills. It’s always good to review the essential questions and answers so you can ace the interview!

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