Best Online Courses You Can Take To Fight Boredom

Many of us are left with an unexpected amount of free time during quarantine since we’re limited to what we can do inside. Why not use that extra time as an opportunity to pick up some of the best online courses available? These online classes are a great opportunity to learn and possibly even start a business!

Below, we’ll go over 5 of our favorite online courses along with a list of where you can find high-quality online teaching subscriptions, along with some sites that host free or discounted courses. From cooking to web development, there’s definitely something out there for everyone.

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The Best Online Courses

1. Learn How to Cook With Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is an expert at his craft. Luckily, you can take his online course series on Masterclass and learn how to cook anything from scrambled eggs to homemade pasta. Your whole family will love the delicious meals you create, making this one of the best online classes out there.


2. Improve Your Personal Relationships

We could all work a little on our personal relationships, making this free course on Coursera a great pick for anyone and everyone. This course teaches you the art of human needs and how to communicate properly with a romantic, familial, or platonic partner.

And if you’re looking to create and share your own hobbies in a class, check out Teachable. They have an all-in-one platform that allows you to create and edit online classes and coaching in order to share with others.

3. Become a Web Developer

In the digital age, web development skills are highly in demand. That’s what makes this course with Udacity one of the best online courses available. This highly monetizable skill is great for adding to your resume in the modern age.


4. Kickstart Your Photography Business

Do you have a high-quality camera and a passion for taking photos? If so, this photography 101 course is one of the best online courses you can find. Learn the basics of photography and advanced photo-taking techniques so that you can improve your skills for personal and professional use. Don’t forget about photo editing, we have a great Photoshop guide for beginners!

If you are interested in other jobs similar to this, be sure to check out other ways to make money remotely.

And, if you’re looking to learn a bit about finance and investing, the best way to learn finance is to start participating and learn from your experiences along the way. Start investing in your future as soon as possible, even if it’s as small as investing spare funds into Robinhood or WeBull.

5. Learn the Science of Workplace Happiness

Learning the science of workplace happiness will serve you well in any work environment. With this online course from edX, you’re investing in your future self by making your day to day life a little more enjoyable.

Where You Can Find High-Quality Learning Subscriptions

Still not finding anything that speaks to you? Here are sites where you can find some of the best online classes available.

1. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is built for teaching business, technology, and development skills to you and your team. You can view courses on your phone or computer making for super flexible learning opportunities.

2. CreativeLive

CreativeLive is another great online classes resource that can help you learn, watch and discover just about any skill! They offer classes for all levels and passions from art and design to money and life in general, they have it all!  Plus, their classes are extremely affordable starting at about $15! So, go on and broaden your knowledge with CreativeLive today!

3. Masterclass

Best online courses, Masterclass

Ready to learn from the world’s leading experts in their respective fields? Check out Masterclass for classes from people like Sarah Blakely, RuPaul, and Natalie Portman. Each class comes with different lectures that you can watch in order or on your own.

4. Skillshare

Best online courses, Skillshare

Skillshare is built to help you expand your creative skills. Make sure you have your paintbrushes ready—you’ll need to use them.  Learn how to draw, create digital art, and more all on a single platform. Skillshare is also offering 2 free months so you can easily get started today and trying it out for yourself risk-free!

5. Udacity

Best online courses, Udacity

Udacity is a great place to find some of the best online courses geared toward professional development. The site categorizes by data science, programming, and business categories so that you can build your professional skills from the comfort of your home.

Free or Flexibly Priced Courses

Below, we’ll detail some of the places you can find some of the best online classes free of charge.

1. edX

Best online courses, edX

The platform edX gives you access to 2500+ online courses from 140 different educational institutions. You can learn from courses crafted by Harvard, MIT, or Berkley University entirely for free. You’ll also find resources on the site for cultivating a professional online degree if you’d like to further your education.

2. Udemy

Best online courses, Udemy

Udemy offers a whole range of online courses at different price levels. There’s a whole section dedicated to free courses, where you can learn skills like Java Basics or 3D Modeling.

3. Coursera

Best online courses, Coursera

Coursera gives you access to both free and paid courses in a wide range of subjects. Many are backed by credible Universities, so you can certainly use Coursera to build your resume. Learn the Science of Well Being from Yale or Psychological First Aid from John Hopkins University. Whatever your interests are, there’s a course out available for you.

As you can see, there are many different ways to successfully learn and develop valuable skills online. We hope you will take advantage of the best online classes available to you. Enjoy using any of these platforms to further your knowledge without ever leaving the house.

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, Talk District may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the

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