5 Best Recruiting Platforms for Engineers

Best Recruiting Platforms for Engineers

To find good engineers, it’s important to use a top recruiting platform because there is a high demand for skilled engineers. Recruiting engineers doesn’t need to be as painful as you’re finding it to be.

If you need programmers, developers, or engineers, use a top recruiting platform to hire for your job openings. That’s because talented and skilled engineers are few and far between, which makes competition fierce amongst hiring companies.

So if your stuck wondering what are the best online recruiting platforms for engineers, no need to wonder any longer. To attract job seekers, you can use these 5 platforms to reach engineers and programmers

Top 5 of the Best Recruiting Platforms for Engineers

1. StackOverflow

StackOverflow is a household name for those in the tech industry. Many people view it as a platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration. However, recruiters also have the opportunity to post engineering job listings on the site.

When you advertise a job, you can include the industry, pay range, and minimum experience level needed for the position. You can offer extra benefits like visa support, moving options, or gym perks to attract engineers to apply.

2. ZipRecruiter

Although they aren’t strictly an engineering job board, ZipRecruiter is considered to be one of the best hiring platforms in the industry. Posting a new role is easy through their intuitive platform, and once it’s live, ZipRecruiter actually sends it to over 100 different job boards for maximum exposure. 

Unlike other recruiting platforms and job boards, ZipRecruiter has an intelligent matching system that connects you directly with candidates who fit your requirements. They even send email notifications and mobile app alerts to qualified applicants, encouraging them to apply. 

If you want to learn more about them, check out our guide on how to post a listing with ZipRecruiter. They also have a free four-day trial where you test out their platform (and keep any applicants that apply to your job!)

3. AngelList

If you work in a startup, then posting a job with AngelList is one of the best ways to hire top engineering talent. They have over 3.2 million job seeker profiles registered on their site, making them one of the best recruiting platforms in the tech industry. 

One of the coolest things about AngelList is that you can create a company profile as well. This acts as a landing page where candidates can learn more about your company before deciding to apply. Once the applicants start rolling in, then you can manage all your candidates through the recruitment tool to keep track of emails, assessment scores, and interview scheduling.

4. Dice

With a database of over 9 million engineering members (1.3 of which visit every month), Dice is quickly becoming one of the best recruiting platforms to find engineers. After you post an opening, Dice will match you with qualified applicants who fit the exact requirements you’ve added in the description and even give them a relevant Dice Match Score to match.

You can also sort through resumes on your own and filter by engineering-based criteria such as work authorization status, willingness to relocate, and skillset. While it’s not the largest engineer job board site, it does help you to narrow down your search to find applicants for niche or hard to fill roles.

5. Indeed

We can’t talk about the best recruiting platforms without mentioning Indeed. With over 250 million resumes on their site, they’re easily the largest job board on the internet. Although they aren’t specifically engineering-focused, they do allow you to look through resumes for candidates that fit your desired skill set and experience level. You can also set up screener questions before candidates apply, which Indeed states are 60% more likely to result in a hire.

One of the best things they offer recruiters is the ability to manage everything through their online platform. You can message candidates, conduct live and virtual interviews, and even sent out offers through Indeed’s dashboard, saving you time and money using an in-house solution. It’s also completely free to post, although you can pay to sponsor a job listing. 

There’s a growing demand for engineers, which can make it tricky for recruiters to find top talent, but we hope that the above resources will help with your hiring search. For more recruiting resources, check out our article on how to advertise your job posting. And if you’re looking to fill other non-engineering roles, you might also want to see our picks for the best 5 recruiting websites for general hiring. 

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, Talk District may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the

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