How to Post a Job Online Easily and Efficiently

How to post a job

Hiring for a new position has become significantly easier in the last decade or so, but it still needs attention to detail and considerate planning. When we think of how to post a job today, we of course think about hopping on to a job board like ZipRecruiter, placing your job ad, and just waiting for applicants to flood in. Any recruiter with previous hiring experiences knows that this is not the case, so what’s truly the best way to post a job and ensure you get qualified applicants?


The key to success when you post a job is to not just think about the job posting, but the process that leads up to it and after it. Online job boards like ZipRecruiter have made recruiting so much easier, but it’s only as effective as the amount of time and effort you put back into the process. I have firsthand experience in recruiting for an opening and know the actual work and time that needs to be spent to get the best applicant pool for your position. So we thought it would be a good resource to put together what that process looks like, and how you can post a job that will find you relevant and experienced candidates.


Step 1: Consider the Position and the Company Needs

Your work should begin with breaking down and brainstorming on what the company needs from this position, and what a qualified applicant would look like. Before you ever post a job, you need to ensure that you understand what the position means for the company, and how hiring someone to fill this position will help. Things you should be considering when brainstorming what the position will be:

  • Daily responsibilities (what this position’s focuses will be)
  • Relevant experience (how much previous knowledge will this position require)
  • Skills needed (what type of mechanical/technical skills does a good candidate need)
  • Job title (the title should be accurate of the responsibilities, be mindful of this)

How to post a job

Step 2: Craft the Job Description to Target Candidates

To put together a perfect job description that reflects your company and targets who you’re looking for, it’s not enough to be accurate and direct. When writing your job description, you need to consider how it will be viewed by a potential candidate. If you are looking to get the best candidates in your field, you want to ensure that the description is also interesting, detailed, and represents your company well.


To do this, think of ways to draw in applicants to continue reading. Talk about the company, your goals, and how the company and the potential can work to support each other. Make sure to use keywords and terms that are reflective of the company, and will resonate with a professional that is looking for work in the field. Have another coworker, friend, or someone close to you that can give you a thorough opinion of how the description reads to them. If you want to get the best possible applicants, you need to be sure the description you put out is the best possible version you can create.


Step 3: Research and Decide on Which Sites to Post To

When you post a job online, it’s not enough to just post to any site and hope to match up with the right candidates. You need to consider which source you are using to reach an audience, and how that source relates to your company, industry, and hiring pool. The best possible route would be to use a specific job board or site that is relevant to your industry (ex: using a tech recruiting platform for your engineering position). This way you can guarantee that the hiring pool you have is catered to your specific industry.


If this isn’t relevant or applicable to your field, then take the time to research the pros and cons of popular recruiting sites, the volume of the hiring pool, and the tools incorporated into the platform to ensure you get the most out of your usage. Popular job boards to start looking into would be ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn Jobs, Indeed, and Monster.

If you want to learn more about each job site read this article with all the comparisons on the 3 best ones.

Step 4: Post the Job Posting, and Follow Up Routinely

One you post a job, the process does not end here. It’s important to be proactive in following up with applicants who you deem as a good fit, as the process can move quickly for applicants who are potentially interested in other companies. Set up questionnaires, interviews (phone call and in-person), and examinations for qualified candidates to make sure you keep the process moving and keep candidates interested.


If you find that the candidates you are receiving are not a good fit, have little relevant experience, or are receiving very few applications, it’s best to re-examine your job description and posting platform to see if there need to be adjustments. In case you’re receiving too few applications, your position may be too niche or the platform you’re using is not suited to your industry. In another case, if you’re receiving too many applications that are not relevant, consider changing the job title, description, or optimizing the keywords and phrases used in the text to target better candidates. If your candidates are too broad, it likely means your description is too broad.


When we think about how to post a job in the current day, we need to think about it more as a thorough process that involves multiple rounds of optimization and testing. Your job posting is a lot like marketing to interested candidates, so be proactive in making changes, testing different sources and themes in your description, and don’t be afraid to try something new and different to stand out to applicants!

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, Talk District may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the

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