The 3 Best Job Posting Sites in 2021

Anyone who has spent time trying to hire to fill a position knows that it can be a long, strenuous and difficult process. Finding the right person to fill your open position is vital to the success of your company.  To do that you need the right tools to make sure you find the best candidates. Investing your time and resources into a job posting site is your best bet for finding the best candidates in your area.

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What should I look for?

The best job posting sites today have many tools and features at your disposal in order to easily and quickly find and vet candidates. Things like dashboards to manage and rate candidates, company profiles to describe your business, filters and specifications for finding candidates with the exact credentials and more.

We decided to take the time to list out the best job posting sites in 2021, with all of their different features and abilities, and help you decide which is the best platform for hiring for your business.

1. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter is an all-encompassing hiring tool that allows businesses to post their job to top sites in little time. With customizable templates, it makes it easy to write out job descriptions that fit your company’s needs and goals. Once you submit your job posting, ZipRecruiter sends the posting out to over 100 of their partner sites within their network.

ZipRecruiter’s matching technology then scans thousands of resumes to find candidates with the skills, education, and experience that fit your job description and hiring needs.

ZipRecruiter will then actively invite qualified candidates to apply to your position, helping your posting get the visibility it needs.

Their dashboard also gives you the option to send out messages and invitations to apply to your position to candidates you feel have the right qualifications.


Once candidates start applying for your position, you will be able to easily manage them through the ZipRecruiter dashboard, allowing you to sort, review and rate candidates. Last, when you rate candidates, ZipRecruiter will work to send you similar applicants in the future.

Some other features ZipRecruiter offers:

  • Screening Questions
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Customer Support


Some things to consider before going with ZipRecruiter:

  • A bit more expensive than direct competitors
  • The trial period is a bit shorter than other hiring sites


2. LinkedIn Jobs

In terms of best job posting sites, LinkedIn Jobs has a benefit over its competitors, which is an access to a large social media network that is LinkedIn. With employers and employees both on one single platform, this makes it very accessible to hire quickly and efficiently. So how does it work, and how does it differ from its competitors?

Employers will start by posting their job to the LinkedIn Jobs database or getting ideas from over 130 job templates. Within the posting, employers have the ability to set precise targeting metrics, such as location to find the most qualified candidates for your position. This helps to weed out any unqualified applicants.


After you post your listing, LinkedIn’s network allows access to numerous features for finding job seekers, such as job search results, personalized emails, LinkedIn newsfeed and mobile push notifications. You can also review and rate candidates that fit your listed description in order to get similar candidates.

Once you have a suitable amount of candidates, you can manage all of them in one place on the dashboard. This allows you to easily see how your candidates compare, and who has the better requirements and experience needed for your position. You can also easily share candidates profiles with colleagues and teammates to easily collaborate on the hiring process.


Things to consider before going with LinkedIn:

  • LinkedIn’s network is tailored to specific industries and niches, so may not be suitable for all businesses, specifically blue-collar and recent graduates
  • Reaching out to passive candidates may yield less success, as LinkedIn users may spend limited time accessing their profile
  • Can be costly for small businesses, as some recruiting tools are tailored for much larger companies that are frequently hiring


3. Indeed for Employers

Probably the most recognizable, Indeed has been the most popular site for both employers and job seekers in the last decade or so. With a multitude of recruiter services, access to resume databases and ability to integrate with popular applicant tracking systems, Indeed has most things needed to help you find the right candidates. But in terms of the best job posting sites, is it truly the best?

The biggest positive to Indeed is that it is free to post your job listing, although your posting receives limited visibility unless you promote your posting.  Much like an auction advertisement platform, Indeed will charge your sponsored post on a pay per click basis and the budget you set. 

Indeed also has two subscription tiers available to hire a professional recruiter, who will help send you candidates that match your posting. These two subscriptions are:

  • Standard
      • $100/mo.
      • 30 candidates sent/mo.
      • Includes unlimited resume searches, email tools, ability to see candidate names on resumes
  • Professional
    • $250/mo.
    • 100 candidates sent/mo.
    • All features mentioned above in standard plan, with also ability to contact multiple candidates at a time and access to Indeed’s hiring insights platform


Things to consider before going with Indeed:

  • Job postings take time to be uploaded to Indeed’s network. They must be vetted and approved by an Indeed representative before going live
  • Pricing for subscription model and PPC auction is a bit unclear. It can be easy for new users to spend money on sponsored posts without receiving suitable candidates on the first go around


So we’ve listed three great options for finding your next hire, but who do we think is the best option for a small business owner looking to build their team?

ZipRecruiter takes the place as our preferred option and the best job posting site. They have the most features, with a well organized and central structure to their dashboard to easily manage and contact potential candidates. Their wide network of job boards allows mass visibility for your listing, and ensures you’ll receive quality viewership among qualified candidates.

While LinkedIn offers tons of unique perks with a social networking structure, and Indeed has the largest database of resumes and recruiting options, ZipRecruiter is the most user-friendly and easily accessible, especially for those hiring for a small business. Although it’s hard to go wrong with any of these great options. Happy hiring!

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, Talk District may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the

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