6 Cool Car Gadgets That You Might Just Love

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It doesn’t matter whether you drive several times a day, or only bring your car out once a week for whatever reason – the right car gadgets can make it so that you love your car more than ever before.

We all know that there are plenty of people from all backgrounds that love their car. Some people even appreciate the car that they drive more than the house that they own! For others, a car is about a lifestyle and a way to express themselves.


Of course, it can be tough to afford the car of your dreams, considering that there are cars that cost over a quarter million dollars. Luckily, you can always find some ultra-cool car gadgets to improve your driving experience. Some of these products might make your driving experience more convenient, and others might simply be useful (help to keep your car clean, for example). But before we continue with car gadgets, check out AMain Hobbies. Because they offer recreational gadgets including drones and remote-controlled vehicles, we could not include them in our official list. That said, AMain Hobbies is absolutely worth checking out. Without further ado, here are some awesome car gadgets that you might not have known about.

6 Car Gadgets You Need

1. Phone Holder

It’s important to purchase car gadgets that not only make driving more fun, but also make it more safe. Did you know that cell phone use while driving leads to over 1.9 million crashes per year? We often think about long distance gadgets that can keep us entertained – but why not choose a product that can potentially save your life (and the lives of those in the car with you)?

No one wants to be in a situation where they are suffering serious injuries because they wanted to call or text someone. A cell phone holder is the kind of product that every car owner should own.

2. 6-pack Chiller

Cool car gadgets - 6 pack chiller

If you are used to driving, you might want to make sure that you have some cold drinks around to help you stay refreshed. That’s why a 6-pack chiller is one of the most important car gadgets, especially if you are considering a road trip. It’s also a great way to make sure that your family and/or guests in your car never go thirsty, as well!


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3. Portable Trash Bin

Cool car gadgets - trash

Let’s be honest: it can be tough to keep your car clean. Even if you clean your car consistently, everyday life might make it so that your car eventually looks a bit messy. If your car stays filled up with receipts, bottles, and wrappers – a car trash bin is one of those long distance gadgets that is a must-have. Why not make sure that your car is as clean as possible?


4. Car Hooks

There are plenty of auto gear car accessories out there that might be for pleasure, but some car gadgets that make sense really think about the car space and how to take advantage of it. Car hooks are a great way to handle all sorts of objects, whether it’s groceries, purses, or other bags. This is the one of those car gadgets that can keep your car more organized while also offering more space for passengers.

5. Tile Mate

Cool car gadgets - tile

How many times have you lost your car keys? It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from – there’s a good chance that losing your car keys has ruined a day of yours before. One of the most important car gadgets to purchase is the Tile Mate, a bluetooth tracker that can help you find all sorts of objects.

The reasons why it’s one of the best car gadgets is because you can slide it on your keychain to make sure that you always know where they are. It should be noted that you need a smartphone for your Tile mate, and that you might be in trouble if you end up losing your Tile mate itself. Regardless, it might end up being one of your most important auto gear car accessories because of how convenient it can be.


6. Seat Cover Protector

We all would like to think that we keep our car clean as possible, but what if we purchased a product that can help to prevent a mess? That’s where a seat cover protector comes in handy, especially if you have pets. It can be frustrating for passengers to deal with dog/cat hair in the backseat, and a seat cover protector can help protect your car from long-term damage. This is also one of those car gadgets that is scratch-proof, which is even better for those with pets.

This is also great for families who have kids in the backseat who might spill food and/or drinks constantly. It’s easy to install, and also easy to clean – which means a lot less headaches for you down the line.


Car gadgets can do so much: they can make a road trip more bearable, keep your car cleaner, or simply help your passengers have more fun during the ride. You should find the items that fit your budget and lifestyle, and consider purchasing them. After all, we all spend a significant amount of time in our cars for our daily commute, so why not make the experience as comfortable as possible?

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, Talk District may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the

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