Adventurous Traveling Jobs that Pay Well

Good, high-paying traveling jobs are hard to come by. After all, many people dream of working a flexible schedule that allows them to visit different parts of the world. And with so much competition, it’s hard to find a high-salary job that also gives you the opportunity to travel.

7 Traveling Jobs That Pay Well

Thankfully, there are a few websites where you can find seasonal, remote, or full-time traveling jobs. ZipRecruiter is our top choice, with millions of active listings posted on their site. They’ll even show you the expected salary so you’ll know just how much you can make!

Outside Sales Representative

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If you have top-notch customer service skills, sales might be the right job for you. You’ll travel to visit clients, attend conferences, and negotiate deals for your company. Good sales reps have the potential to make a lot of money, especially if you are getting paid commissions.

Average outside sales representative salary: $110,000

Travel Nurse

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Medical care professionals are in high demand, especially in hospitals where there is a shortage of nurses. If you have medical education and training, then you can become a traveling nurse. This means you’ll take short-term jobs at different hospitals in different locations around the world. Not only will you get to see new places, but you’ll also be helping others when they need it the most. In addition, you may also consider working as a virtual nurse (which also allows you to work anywhere!).

Average travel nurse salary: $117,00

Flight Attendant

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Becoming a flight attendant is one of the coolest traveling jobs to have. Although dealing with customers can be hard work, the travel benefits are almost second to none. You’ll get to explore new countries, visit new cities, and experience new cultures, all on the airline company’s dime. With ZipRecruiter, you can search flight attendant jobs plus see salary breakdowns with their salary tool.

Average flight attendant salary: $80,000

Travel Writer

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Being a travel writer has many perks. Not only will you get to be creative every day, but you’ll also get to travel wherever you want! And if you’re a freelancer, you’ll get to set your own hours and wages. Employed writers also have a flexible schedule, although they’ll also need to meet deadlines and company requirements. You can find both freelance and employed traveling writing jobs on ZipRecruiter.

Average travel writer salary: $58,000

Truck Driver

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Hit the road and travel cross-country as a hard-working truck driver. You’ll travel from city to city transporting different types of goods. While the job can be strenuous (~10 to 12 hours of driving a day), you will have lots of rest time in between. And even if you don’t have a degree, it’s still one of the highest-paid traveling jobs you can get!

Average truck driver salary: $70,000

Cruise Ship Employee

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Working on a cruise ship will allow you to see some of the coolest places in the world! From the Caribbean to the Mediterranean, you’ll sail across open waters while raking in big bucks for your hard work. In addition to a salary, cruise ship employees also get free meals and accommodation. Keep in mind these are seasonal jobs, so you will be required to work for weeks on end without days off. However, you might get free time to explore the port during your breaks.

Average cruise ship employee salary: $48,000

English Teacher

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If English is your native language, you can make money teaching kids, students, and foreigners around the world. You can either work in a school or as a private freelance tutor. While English teaching jobs can be found anywhere, they are mostly in demand in Asia, South America, or Europe. You can also teach English online, which would allow you to work anywhere you’d like.

Average English teacher salary: $52,000

More Job Resources

Traveling jobs are in high demand, but you can find the right one if you know where to look. ZipRecruiter can help you land your dream job. Whether you’re looking for traveling jobs, work from home jobs, or part-time jobs, you can find millions of listings on their site.

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