10 Things to Get When Moving Into Your First Apartment Checklist

Apartment Checklist

Make your move as easy as possible with these 10 necessary items for moving into your first apartment checklist.

Moving into a brand new home can be very exciting, although it’s easy to forget the essentials in between all the packing and cleaning. And if you’re moving into a bigger home than what you had before, then you’ll also need to make sure you add a ton of new items, products, and appliances to your apartment checklist.

To help make your move as easy as possible, we’ve created an apartment move-in checklist for you to follow. That way, you can concentrate on the big move without worrying about missing out on the small things that need to get done!

1. A Comfortable Mattress

Moving can be utterly exhausting, which is why a comfortable mattress is a necessity for your first apartment checklist. Casper is one of the biggest names in the mattress biz, with four different style ergonomic foam mattresses to suit your sleeping habits. Pair them with a set of cozy linen sheets, and get ready to have the best sleep of your life!

A cozy mattress should be at the top of your moving into your first apartment checklist.


2. A Cordless Vacuum

Apartment Checklist
Source: Sharkclean.com

After you move into a new apartment, you’ll likely want to keep it as tidy and spotless as possible. That’s why you should invest in a cordless vacuum by Shark. These high-powered and ultra-light appliances will suck up all the crumbs, dirt, and dust bunnies scattered around your house, so you can get enjoy that brand new home feeling everything you step through the doors.

3. Stylish Bar Accessories

It’s the small décor items that can transform a new apartment into a home. Decking out your bar cart with stylish accessories adds that sophisticated touch to your kitchen or living room. Treat yourself to a personalized crystal decanter or entertain guests with stylish martini glasses during your housewarming party.

If you also need modern lighting and furniture that will not only go with your bar but also match the rest of your apartment, be sure to check out Y-Lighting.

4. Fast High-Speed Internet

One of your first priorities to check off your apartment move-in checklist is to set up the internet. This is an absolute must if you ever plan on working from home. Although there are plenty of companies that offer high-speed internet, Xfinity is arguably the best, with some of the fastest speeds in the US. You can also bundle your internet and TV package together to stream your favorite movies and shows whenever you want.

5. Unique Wall Art and Decor

This one might have slipped your mind when getting all of your stuff ready for the big move. Having your own decor and art hanging in your apartment is actually quite important, as it can set the ambience of your space and often affect your satisfaction with your living area. Whether it’s wall art, the bedding and bath mats you choose, or even the mug you drink your morning coffee out of, it should fit with your personality and interests. That’s why we love Redbubble, as they have thousands of home decor and clothing options with art themes created and sold directly by artists.

When you’re thinking about moving into your first apartment checklist, make sure to include these things to keep your home feeling like you.

6. A Long-lasting Toothbrush

Apartment Checklist
Source: Quip

We know that moving into a brand new apartment gives you plenty of reasons to smile. Show off your pearly whites with a sleek electric toothbrush from Quip. This smart toothbrush has timed sonic pulses and vibrations that are guaranteed to provide a more thorough cleaning compared to your regular brush.

6. Home Security Doorbell

Home security is one of the most important factors to consider when moving into a new apartment. The Ring Video Doorbell detects any motion that crosses its path while also allowing you to see and speak to anyone who comes up to your door through your smartphone. It can also record video so you can see who’s there even if you aren’t at home!

7. A Home Purifier

Can Molekule Air Destroy Covid-19? 
Source: Molekule

Add a home purifier to your apartment checklist and enjoy fresh air in every room. A Molekule Air Purifier uses patented PECO technology to remove smoke and odors while also filtering out dangerous pollutants like germs, bacteria, and mold. In fact, studies have even shown that it can remove 99.99% of airborne viruses in just under 30 minutes. With a room purifier, you can say goodbye to dust and particle and hello to clean air!

8. Smart Home Hookup

Manual temperature controls and light switches are a thing of the past! With an Insteon Smart Home Controller, you can transform your apartment into a high-tech paradise, where you can customize lighting, outlets, sensors, and even the temperature of the room with the push of a button on your smartphone. It can also work by voice if you have an Amazon Alex or Google Assistant.

9. An Upscale Dishwasher

Why spend hours manually scrubbing pots and pans when you can clean it all with the click of a button? The Sharp Slide-In Dishwasher is the cream of the crop when it comes to home appliances, with arrangeable racks, extra sprayers, and fast and efficient drying options. Plus, the stainless steel design fits in nicely with any style of kitchen.

10. Organizing Baskets

Organizational baskets are must-haves to any apartment move-in checklist. Use them to store cords, office supplies, bath products, hand towels, or anything else that might take up valuable space in your new home. Thankfully, Dollar Tree has some affordable options for all your storage needs that won’t break the bank.

We understand that moving can be difficult. However, this apartment checklist should make things a bit easier if you’re feeling overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done. You can also prepare for the big move by making sure you have these 10 moving supplies.

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