The Best Housewarming Gift Ideas for 2021

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Are you invited to a housewarming party of a friend or relative, but still need to find the perfect gift? If you’ve left the housewarming gift shopping to the last minute and you need housewarming gift ideas pronto, we’ve found loads of housewarming gifts you could choose to impress a new homemaker! Without further ado, here’s our rundown of some perfect housewarming gift ideas that everyone will love!


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1. Serving Board – Sur la table

Ideas For Housewarming Gift 2

One thing that most people don’t have when they move into their new home is a serving board or serving tray. It’s not unusual to not have this, as it’s not an essential item during the first few months in a new home. However, if your friend or relative is throwing a housewarming party then having a serving board or tray on hand is bound to prove useful.

Also, check out Things Remembered for personalized gifts, perfect for a housewarming!


2. Yeti Cooler

Coolers can sometimes be overlooked but are such a convinient prodct to have at home when you have a get together or simply for camping! Yeti Coolers are extremely known for their quality and ability to keep drink cool for quite some time! Check out all the coolers Yeti has to offer!


3. Electric Toothbrush – Quip

Although a toothbrush is an item people use every day (we hope), it is often the first thing people forget to pack when going on vacation or moving houses! Don’t let your friend or relative’s mouth suffer and get them a electric toothbrush to use in their brand new bathroom.

And make sure to check out Jonathan Adler for other awesome and unique gifts to give at a housewarming!

4. Bedding – Casper

We think it’s safe to say that your friend or relative has gone quite some time without a good night’s sleep due to the stresses of moving houses. Gift the new homeowners with excellent bedding, new sheets, quilts, pillows, the whole shebang. You will be their favorite housewarming guest, for giving them the greatest gift of all, a good night’s sleep.

5. DIY Gift – Cricut

Ideas For Housewarming Gift 5

Get your relative a Cricut Maker so they can create unique and personalised DIY decorations for thier house anytime. This gift is great, as it is sure a gift that keeps on giving!


6. Home Gym Equipment – Hydrow

If your friend or relative’s new place has a home gym, get them some home gym equipment that’s worthwhile. A Hydrow will give them a fun workout to help with their cardio and strength training.

Or perhaps you are in need of a different piece of gym equipment? This list will have you covered on all things gym related. Plus, this list is sure to help you find a gift for your fitness junkie friend!

7. Coffee Maker – Sur la table

Ideas For Housewarming Gift 1

Every home needs a good coffee maker! This is a great housewarming gift idea that you could consider for a friend or a relative. However, other housewarming guests may get the same idea, so be sure to check around quietly to ensure nobody else has had the same great idea!

Okay okay since we know kitche gadgets at a housewarming gift hit, we have a list of awesome kitchen gadgets that are sure to be a great houseingwarming gift in case you need a back up!


8. WiFi Router – Amplifi

If your friend still hasn’t gotten around to installing a WiFi router, save them the hassle and get them an AmpliFi Instant. This gadget will give their new house WiFi in under 2 minutes!

9. Grill – Traeger

Is your friend or relative the king or queen of backyard cookouts? Gift them a brand new grill from Treager so that they can get their cookout on, in their new backyard aswell!

If you would like to pair your grill gift with a steak or two, you can check out these awesome meat delivery places that can ship fresh meat right to your friends house! Then they are sure to be prepared for any cookout to come!


10. Cutlery – Stonewall Kitchen

Most new homeowners move into their first home with just a few basic pieces of cutlery, usually because it can be quite expensive. So, if your friend or relative is short on cutlery, then this is a nice and practical housewarming gift. Cutlery gets years of use and is a very functional yet practical gift choice.

11. Canvas Print – Mixbook

Get your friend or relative a great canvas print specially made for their new humble abode! This is a special housewarming gift idea that we are sure anyone will treasure dearly.

12. Gift Hamper – GourmetGiftBaskets

Ideas For Housewarming Gift 11

If you can’t decide on a housewarming gift, why not just get them a gift basket to say “congratulations on the new house”? You could even add some scented candles, a photo frame and other little knick knacks that your friend or family might need in their new home. However, as long as there is a bottle of bubbly to celebrate, you’re good to go!

If you would like to pair your gift basket with even more booze, you can check out these awesome alcohol delivery services that can ship right to your friends house! I mean who doesn’t love booze randomly showing up to your door!

13. Scented Candles – Amazon

Ideas For Housewarming Gift 12

If you’re on a budget, you can still get a wonderful and functional gift for your friend’s new home! More specifically, a nice scented candle. Scented candles can be extremely affordable, and you can easily buy a set of them for cheap. Just pick a nice fragrance and give them to a friend or relative to add a lovely atmosphere to their new home.

We hope this article of housewarming gift ideas could help you out with your upcoming housewarming party!

However, if you really can’t decide what to get the new homeowner, go with the safe option and get them a gift card!

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