Best Day Hiking Gear

best day hiking gear

One of the best ways to soak up the summer sun while it’s still here is to enjoy a day hike. To traverse the great outdoors, you’re going to need the best day hiking gear. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the best day hiking gear for beginners or pros, you can find so that you can get the most out of your time outside. In case the trails are crowded, be sure to take one of the Best Face Masks for Outdoors with you and pack some of the best ultra light hiking gear to save space.


Breathable Clothes with Pockets

When you’re out on a hike, you’re bound to break out into a sweat at some point or another. Luckily, KUHL has some of the best ultra light hiking gear available. Their clothing is designed to wick away sweat and keep you well-ventilated and has tons of pockets to hold your important items while you’re out on the mountain, just like these shorts

If you are in need of some all year round outdoor/camping gear, Evo has gear for all seasons! Go check them out aswell!


2. A Great Pair of Hiking Boots

When it comes to the most essential best hiking gear for beginners, you should probably start with a sturdy hiking boot. This pair from Sportsman’s Warehouse is fully waterproof so you’ll be able to use them across any terrain. Plus, the reinforced design will keep your ankles protected even when traversing across high inclines. 

Not a fan of hiking boots? Heck you can even get some running shoes so long as they have grip for the trail!

3. A Lightweight Jacket

The one item that prepares you for all weather conditions is an insulated jacket. Lightweight and wind-resistant, the Backcountry Marais Rain Jacket  is the perfect outerwear for the outdoor enthusiasts. Light enough to roll up and tuck away, this jacket will hardly take up any space to interrupt your summer adventures.

Backcountry has an extensive selection of outdoor gear, perfect for any occasion you have planned. Whether it be for a backpacking journey or a weekend camping trip with the family, Backcountry has it all!

4. A Protective Hat

The heat can definitely be an issue if you aren’t well prepared during a hike. A sunhat can do wonders for making sure to keep the sun off of your skin, especially during the summer weather.

While a normal baseball cap can help, a quality-made sunhat like a Tin Bush Hat can make sure to keep the sun off of your face, shoulders, and neck area. Filson has plenty of options for both men and women, that are also stylish!

5. Backpack

One of the best pieces of day hiking gear is a reliable backpack. After all, you’ll need to pack plenty of snacks with you if you’re going out for a full day of adventuring. This backpack from Backcountry is an excellent multipurpose selection that you’re bound to love using on or off the trails. Another quality brand for backpacks and other outdoor gear is Eddie Bauer, which offers an excellent replacement policy on all of its products.

Lastly, for those of you looking to do mountain treks rather than day hikes, Shimoda Designs offers packs designed to bear all of the elements. Shimoda Designs has you covered whether you’re climbing a snowy mountain or camping in a sunny valley.


6. A Trusty Water Bottle

best ultra light hiking gearStaying hydrated while out on the trail is vitally important which is what makes water bottles one of the best pieces of day hiking gear. If you’re a sucker for super cold drinks, be sure to invest in a water bottle from Hydro Flask. These bottles are made to keep your drink of choice cold for hours on end making them great for day hiking. 

7. Compact Daypack

best ultra light hiking gearThis daypack from Kelty is a perfect piece of day hiking gear. You can easily keep your keys and other important items on your person for convenient easy access. With zipper pockets, items are fully secured and ready for the trails. This pack takes up minimal on your person and is one of the best ultra light hiking gear products!

8. Waterproof Phone Case

If you’re going to be outside for the entire day, having a waterproof phone case from Lifeproof is a good idea. Whatever your hiking journey has in store for you, your phone and valuables will be fully protected. The case is also shockproof, dirt proof, and dust resistant. 


9. Recovery Sandals

On your way home from your long day hike, your feet are bound to be extra sore. A pair of recovery sandals are essential on our list of the best day hike gear. These flip-flops from Keen have built-in arch support so that they can properly relieve tension in your legs after a long, strenuous hike.

10. Long Compression Socks

best ultra light hiking gearBelieve it or not, long socks can be one of the best day hiking gear pieces available. Not only do they help your hiking boots fit more comfortably, but they can also protect your skin from ticks and other insects. These socks from Osprey are long, thick, and perfectly suited for a day hike. 

11. An Insulated Tumbler 

best hiking gear for beginnersIf you’re a tea or coffee drinker, you know how important having access to these drinks are. Luckily, even if you go on a day hike, you don’t have to be without them. Simply get an insulated tumbler from Klean Kanteen to keep your hot drinks at the perfect temperature while you’re adventuring. 

12. Storm Poncho

best hiking gear for beginnersYou’ll never know when a storm will hit while you’re hiking across the great outdoors. Take this poncho with you on your next trip and be stress free. This packable storm poncho from Sierra Designs is perfect for day hiking

13. Hydration Pack

best hiking gear for beginnersNeed to stay hands-free but still want to stay hydrated? Pick up this hydration pack from Salomon to tackle both tasks while day hiking. 

14. Insulated Lunch Packs

best day hiking gearDon’t go hungry while out on your day hike. Use these insulated lunch packs from YETI to fuel your outdoor journey without fail. 

15. Hammock

best day hiking gearWant to marvel over those awesome views while on your day hike? Pick up a portable hammock from Backcountry to take a rest throughout your outdoor journey. You can easily set up this hammock between any two trees. 

16. Eyewear

Don’t forget to keep your eyes protected while you’re out in the elements. Check out Blenders Eyewear for one of our favorite options for well priced, durable eyewear!

Hopefully, one of these excellent pieces of day hiking gear made your journey that much sweeter. Some of these options are great if you’re looking for the best ultra light hiking gear. If that journey includes a car trip, checkout The Ultimate Road Trip Traveler’s Guide. For all the pictures you take, edit them on the way back home on The Best Photo Editing Apps For All Your Photo Needs. Happy hiking!

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, Talk District may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the

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