The Best Photo Editing Apps For All Your Photo Needs

These days, anyone with a smartphone can snap an impressive photo. However, what makes professionals stand out is the photo editing apps and gadgets they use to polish their images. Whether you’re a small business, marketer, or just an individual looking to create great visual content, photo editing software is crucial to standing out from the rest. If you’re like me and just use photos for personal use, take a look at Blurb, which makes excellent professional quality photo books. For the rest of you, there are literally thousands of photo editing apps and gadgets that you can use to jazz up your pictures, make the best products, upgrade your social media profiles, and so much more. Without further ado, here are 8 of the best photo editing apps and gadgets that you need right now!


Looking to make your photos into a video? Check out Animoto a video creation service and create your own video today!

The Best Photo Editing Apps

1. Mixbook


Create photobooks, cards, calendars, home decor, you name it, with Mixbook! They have a range of beautiful designs to choose from, making the process nice and easy for you. Simply create an account with Mixbook and you can start making your items!


2. Canva

Photo Editing Apps, Canva

Canva is a free, easy to use online graphics tool, with bucket loads of templates. Think of Canva as a quick and easy way to create professional looking visuals for those unskilled in the art of graphic design. Whether you want to create a flyer, a resume, a business card, a CD cover, the sky is the limit with Canva. And each category has so many templates to choose from, some free and some for premium users only. Another difference between free and paying users is that free users are limited to a collaborative group of 10 members. Even more importantly, you don’t have access to any of Canva’s images. Any images you want to use will have to be your own or licensed for you to use. Images go for US$1 per photo. However, those who choose to create with a paid Pro account will get a 30 member team account, plus access to 300,000 images by Canva. A premium account also has a range of other great features and you can sign up for as little as $9.95 per month!




We all know that photo editing at times can be daunting, especially if you are just getting started and want your photos to look professional! If you have the resources, we recommend leaning on ZipRecruiter to help you find the right person for the job! There are many professional photo editors out there that can help take a daunting task off your hands!

3. Shutterstock

Photo Editing Apps, Shutterstock

If you’re in need of professional photos and your smartphone camera quality just isn’t cutting it, Shutterstock is your best option! This website is a leading worldwide provider of high-quality licensed photographs, videos, illustrations and music to businesses, marketing agencies and media companies. Shutterstock adds thousands of images each week, and has more than 250 million images and more than 12 million video clips available at the moment.

4. Luminar

Photo editing apps, Luminar

This is an award-winning photo editing software, delivering you cutting-edge results! Full of easy to use photo editing tools, perfect for beginners or advanced photographers looking to streamline the process of editing their photos. This is one of the first photo editing apps we’ve used that feels completely personal and customized to the user. Get Luminar editing software and experiment with your own photographs and have fun creating totally professional images!


5. Presetpro

Photo Editing Apps, Preset Pro

Have you got Lightroom or Photoshop but have exhausted the presets and actions on both and are looking for something to spice up these magnificent photo editing apps? Presetpro is your new holy grail. You can now shop beautiful presets and profiles for Lightroom, as well as Luminar presets, Aurora presets, On1 presets and Photoshop effects. Your photo editing game is about to go up a few notches.

6. Snapfish

Turn your average photos into books, prints, mugs, and so much more! You will win the title of giving the best presents ever with Snapfish’s amazing products. The process is so easy! Simply add your photos from your phone, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Sign in or sign up with Snapfish to start creating. Then, start creating your masterpieces, it’s that simple!

7. LuMee

Looking for some gadgets to improve your smartphone photography? Enter LuMee. Get yourself a selfie stick, taking your selfies to a whole new level, or a phone case with a built-in light, to improve the  photos you take on your smartphone. Wanna read a review? We found a great review of Lumee.

Make yourself and your brand more professionally with these cutting-edge photo editing apps and gadgets, giving you professional and polished results! Although, don’t forget about Photoshop! Photoshop is expensive and difficult at first, but the end results are worth it.  We have a beginner’s guide to Photoshop here if you’re up for learning. There are also several programs that make short video clips for you, which can be great promotional material for your existing channels. Check out InVideo for one of our favorites.

Of course, now that you have these photo editing apps, you’ll also need somewhere to post them! Check out the best social media platforms to post your photos.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, Talk District may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page.


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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, Talk District may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the

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