The Best Face Masks For Outdoors

Face mask for outdoors

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If you’re wondering whether or not you should go bare faced or wear face masks while on an outdoor hike or walk, the right answer is wear a face mask! It is recommended by the Center For Disease Control that everyone wear a cloth face mask in public spaces. These suggestions aim to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus and keep you healthy. However, with so many to choose from, how do you decide which to buy? A lot of face masks are made out of pure cotton, and it’s easy to overheat in them. For exercising purposes, we recommend not purchasing a pure cotton face mask. It will make your hike or walk more difficult than they already are. Thankfully, many brands are making face masks perfect for outdoor activity! We’ve compiled a list of the best face masks for outdoors to help you pick the perfect one for you.


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1. Outdoor Research Essential Face Mask Kit

face masks for working out

This mask kit features a reusable, water-resistant performance face mask, three high efficiency disposable filters, and protective pouch. This masks unique designs allows max effectiveness up to 30 washes! The disposable filters allow users to decide based on the types of activity whether it needs changed or not. Breathability is important, especially in a face mask when working out, and the comfort seal design combined with its moisture wicking capability won’t cut your adventures short. This Outdoor Research mask is reusable, breathable, and moisture wicking – a trifecta for sustainability and performance.

If you’re a big fan of REI and enjoy shopping at outdoor gear places, check out Sierra Designs they have an abundance of gear and apparel!

2. SewCal Masks: Strap Over Head Mask

For those who hate the feeling of a mask being wrapped around your ears, this design might work better for you. SewCal Masks has a variety of masks that fit over the head in order to keep your ears free from being pulled on too tightly, and provide more comfortability when exercising.

3. Etsy: Bamboo Face Mask

face masks for working out


These face masks on Etsy are made out of 100% bamboo material. These Bamboo Face Masks are not only perfect because they are super soft and breathable to wear whilst working out, they are also perfect as these face masks have an antibacterial quality to them, due to their fabric. However, you should still treat this mask as you would with any other and wash it appropriately every time you wear it. Preferably, after each outdoor hike.

4. Etsy: Bandana Face Mask

face masks for working out

This bandana face mask is perfect for exercising in outdoors. If you’re hiking outside, you should have something to cover your face with, in case someone appears. This bandana face mask from Etsy fits nicely around your neck so that you can pull it up at a moment’s notice. This bandana face mask is also great as you can style it in many other forms, such as a wristband, headband, hairband, etc.

If you’re looking for more fashionable accessories, check out YesStyle!

5. Etsy: Waterproof Face Mask

face masks when working out

This Waterproof Face Mask from Etsy can handle some of the sweat from your hike, but will still be breathable, which is a perfect option when looking for face masks for working out. If you find yourself wondering what workouts you can try at home, give the 30 Day Workout Challenge a try!

6. Etsy: Reversible Face Mask

face masks when working out

Even though these reversible face masks are made out of cotton, if you’re doing an outdoor walk that’s not very intense, they’re still a good option! We love that you can reverse these masks and get two cute colors in one!

7. Zazzle: Customisable Face Mask

DIY Facemasks

Create your very own face mask, out of either premium cotton, cotton and poly blend, cloth or a disposable material. We love that you can design your very own face mask for outdoors with the help of Zazzle, what an easy and fun DIY face mask!

8. Vistaprint: Reusable Face Mask With FilterDIY Facemasks

Vistaprint make incredibly durable and breathable cloth face masks that are reusable and have filters, for both adults and kids. Their face masks with filters will help you feel confident whilst you hike or walk outdoors. Explore their full collection of washable face masks and filter face masks, they have many cool and cute designs!

Interested in creating DIY face masks for your outdoor hike? Check out Fabric for breathable and unique fabrics to create your DIY face masks. A Cricut machine will also come in handy when making your DIY face masks for working out as it can carefully and precisely cut through both delicate and tough fabrics.

We hope you enjoyed this article on the best face masks for working out outdoors. If you’d rather stay at home to workout you can create your own home gym with some essential pieces of equipment. Or maybe you’d rather do something at home that is fun for the whole family!

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Get access to exclusive content and tips. We already made life easier for 15,000+ people.
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