Best Places for Camping Gear

If you’re looking for the best places for camping gear for an excuse to enjoy the great outdoors with your family or just get out of town, you’re in the right place. Say you haven’t taken the family camping you’ll want to check out Camping Gear for Your First Family Camping Experience and the Best Camping Games to Play with Your Kids. Below, we’ll dive into some of the best camping gear websites so that you can stock up on everything you need for your outdoor adventure. 


1. Kuhl

Kuhl is hands down one of the best outdoor gear websites. In their online shop, you’ll find lightweight, durable clothing for women and men. Their styles range from casual to athletic to a little more dressed up, so you can find the perfect piece of camping clothing that you can use throughout your day to day life as well. For example, check out this comfortable yet stylish dress from the brand for a special occasion while camping. 

Also one great place that is not on this list is Evo. If you are in need of some all year round outdoor/camping gear, Evo has gear for all seasons! Go check them out aswell!

2. Sportman’s Warehouse

best places for camping gearSportman’s Warehouse is one of the best outdoor gear websites in general. You’ll find hunting, fishing, boating, and camping gear all in one place. Along with clothing, the site also has an impressive selection of outdoor accessories and tools making it one of the best places for camping gear. The site has a whole section dedicated to cots, pads, & hammocks to keep you comfy while camping. 


3. Hydro Flask

best camping gear sitesWhen you’re out camping, it’s important to stay fully hydrated. Therefore, Hydro Flask is certainly one of the best places for camping gear. Pick up one of their vibrant water bottles or thermoses to take with you on your outdoor adventure. You won’t be disappointed since these bottles are known for keeping things properly cool throughout the day. 

4. Diff Eyewear

When considering items needed for camping, most think of things like coolers, tents, and first aid kits, but eyewear is incredibly important when venturing off into the great outdoors. Diff Eyewear offers a great selection on glasses for every member of the family. Whether you’re in need of sunglasses or prescription glasses, Diff has durable and outdoor friendly options for you. Diff also donates one pair of glasses to a person in need after each purchase!


True to its name, has everything you might need for your camping experience. Tents, backpacks, accessories, heavy weather clothing and even unique and high tech devices, will help make your camping trips that much more memorable.


6. Kammok

Even though camping is supposed to be “roughing it”, doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to be comfortable. Hammocks are a super simple and neat way to find comfort in your camping experience. Kammok has the best hammocks on the market and is sure to be extra comfortable.

7. Kelty

best places for camping gearKelty camping gear is built for serious backpackers, day-trippers, and anyone in-between. On their site, you’ll find a whole host of backpacks, sleeping bags, camp furniture, and more. The site is also organized by collections, so whether you’re going on a couple’s retreat or family camping trip, Kelty has got you covered.

8. Lifeproof

best places for camping gearOne of the best places for camping gear is no doubt Lifeproof. While you’re out adventuring, you’ll want to have something to protect your phone from the wind, water, dust, and dirt that you’re bound to run into while camping. You can get one of their classic waterproof cases, or invest in a sanitation phone charger to keep your phone totally clean while venturing out into the unknown. 

9. Klean Kanteen

best places for camping gearKlean Kanteen is your one-stop-shop for any mugs, tumblers, bottles, and cups that are camping proof. The eco-friendly company is dedicated to eliminating the use of harmful plastic containers and makes high-quality drinking vessels to upgrade your camping experience. If you’re a coffee drinker, be sure to pick up one of their insulated to-go bottles. 

10. Sierra Designs 

best outdoor gear websitesSierra Designs is one of the best places for camping gear with their diverse selection of products. The brand sells amazing hiking apparel for both men and women, along with lots of different types of gear. You can find sturdy sleeping bags, tents, and backpacks all on the site. You can also find amazing tarps like this one to keep you warm and dry while venturing in the great outdoors. 

11. Yeti

best places for camping gearLooking for drinkware and coolers to keep you properly fed and hydrated while on your camping trip? Yeti is the perfect place for you to shop for your camping gear. Yeti is known for making well-insulated products so that you can enjoy your meals at the exact temperature you intended. Pick up one of their ultra-portable coolers

12. Backcountry 

Backcountry is a great place to find camping and outdoor gear. You can find both men’s and women’s apparel on the site, along with some of your favorite outdoor brands all in one place. The site also sorts items by activity, so whether you’re going surfing or skiing, they’ve got you covered. 

13. Shimoda Designs 

Shimoda Designs specializes in top of the line packs for any camping experience. Whether you’re car camping or trekking a mountain, each of BestPlacesForCampingGearthe products at Shimoda are up for the challenge. The company was even founded by a backpacking enthusiast who wanted to offer better products suited to campers needs!

Hopefully, this list of the best places for camping gear made it easier for you to find everything you need for your next adventure. Say you’re road tripping to get to a camp site, you’ll want to read up on The Ultimate Road Trip Traveler’s Guide. If you’re planning an extended trip you’ll want to have the appropriate gear for hiking or backpacking, too! Happy camping!

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, Talk District may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the

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