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Block Advisor Review - Taxes

To help you get the best, all-encompassing financial advice, including how to file your small business taxes efficiently, we chose to review Block Advisors. 

Filing taxes can be challenging. Filing taxes for your business can be even more difficult. Properly filing your taxes, despite feeling like pushing a boulder up the side of a mountain, is imperative to your financial success. There are a number of sources that claim to help file taxes for your small business, including brick and mortar advisors and robot advisors. These may be useful for some of your tax needs, but when it comes to advisors, trust and strategic planning on the front end can make a world of difference. At day’s end, your relationship with your tax and small business advisor is just that, a relationship

Block Advisors Review

Block Advisors is a licensed and certified advisor that specializes in taxes, bookkeeping, and payroll. We’ll dive into each of their unique services below, but the short is that Block Advisors offers decades of small business expertise and guarantees 100% accuracy on their services, which is why we chose to review them over other services. Keep reading for more of our thoughts.

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Year Round Support

Scrambling to get your small business taxes together is no fun. Even though taxes are generally due in mid April, Block Advisors helps with tax preparation regardless of the time of the year so you don’t have to scramble at the last minute to make sure your taxes are properly filed. As someone who has been in a pinch trying to figure out their taxes at the last minute, trust me that help staying organized year round takes a huge amount of weight off on the back end.

Expert Advice 

When choosing a tax advisor, it’s important to find a company that has seen it all. The last thing you want is to be the first client they’ve had that has experienced a specific filing issue or had a niche need. This is one aspect where Block Advisors blows away its competition; its experience with a variety (and when I saw variety, I mean millions) of small businesses. 

Block Advisor Review
Source: Block Advisors

Another aspect that helped me out is that Block Advisors offers a service that lets you file online yourself and provides you with advice, which teaches you how to file your business taxes on your own but makes sure there are no errors that will harm the success of your business later. While this is a personal interest of mine, if the thought of filing your own taxes feels like solving a jigsaw puzzle, Block Advisors also have pros that can file for you. In this instance, their people will do the heavy lifting so you spend less time on paperwork and more time making sure your business runs smoothly. There’s also a good amount of reassurance Block Advisors gives you, because they guarantee to file your taxes 100% accurately. 

Vast Degree of Services 

On top of helping with taxes and tax preparation, Block Advisors will also help with bookkeeping and payroll services. This is crucial because having each of the three–taxes, bookkeeping, and payroll–work in unison helps ensure there are no minor errors when accounting for the cash that flows in and out of your business. While each of these sectors are incredibly important, they can also be intricate to get up and running properly. That’s why we recommend turning to Block Advisors, whether to get the job done themselves or to have a professional teach you how to do it so you can do it yourself in the future without worrying about whether it’s done accurately. 

Block Advisor Review - Payroll

Are you reading this thinking “I thought Block Advisors focused on self-employed individuals,” you would also be correct. They specialize specifically in small business and self-employed individuals and have seasoned professionals with years of experience to help in either instance.

What is Included When You Join

Block Advisors’ reputation as a trusted advisor speaks for itself, but before you sign up, you should know the specific services Block Advisors provides. Features you will always get as a Block Advisors client include Profit and Loss statements, structural analytics made specifically for your business, and personalized tax help. Particularly as tax day approaches, many of you may be focused on the tax help section. However, profit and loss statements as well as structural analysis will give you an inside view on the performance and financial standing of your business, not to mention that these documents can illuminate how your business can be made more tax efficient by analyzing possible changes to your entity structure. 


Other services including estimated quarterly tax payments and business tax audit support, which includes a tax pro reviewing, researching, and responding to any IRS notices, can be added on.

The Bottomline

From our personal interaction with Block Advisors, we’ve learned just how much they can help with taxes, payroll, or bookkeeping. Something else to consider is that Block Advisors has you covered with plans for all budgets. Start taking your business to the next level and make an appointment at a location near you.

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, Talk District may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the

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