Christmas Desserts to Make Your Stomach Jolly!

What could be better than Christmas dinner?  Christmas desserts, that’s what! Old school Christmas treats like Christmas cake and mince pies still have their merits. However, you may feel like taking things up a notch this year. That way you’ll be able to wow your guests! Not only with the delicious main dishes you make, but with some super tasty desserts too. The following guide will give you some great ideas for what to make for your Christmas dinner guests this year. 

Christmas Desserts 

After what has been an extraordinary year, it’s time to step away from the mince pies and wow your guests with one of these delicious and different desserts.

Christmas Cookies

You can never go wrong with Christmas cookies. And while you could take the time to make them yourself, why would you when you can order them instead? Cheryl’s Cookies has so many tasty Christmas cookies that can be delivered straight to your door. And if you want to put them on a plate and pretend you decorated them, we won’t spill your secret!

Christmas Desserts

Wow, your guests this Christmas with this fantastic stars and stripes pie. The combination of light pastry and juicy strawberries and blueberries will have guests feeling mega-patriotic. As this pie is made with strawberry and blueberry preserves, you won’t even have to worry about getting a hold of fresh fruit when you put together your shopping list. Don’t worry, it’s easier than you might think. Simply download the recipe and get onto Instacart to help you manage your festive to-do list. 

Vanilla Bean Pods

If you fear that you may cause your guests to go pop with a heavy dessert on top of all that turkey, these Vanilla Bean Pods De Creme are one of the best Christmas desserts ideas for those who prefer something sweet without the bulk. Better yet, serve with some simple vanilla wafers and you won’t even have spoons to wash afterward!

Bread Pudding

christmas desserts ideas

This steamed orange pudding is inspired by some of our festive favorites, including tangy oranges and spicy ginger. This one is pretty simple to put together. For instance, it only takes just 40 minutes in the oven for a perfectly ‘Grammable pudding. Most importantly, it’ll add a tangy touch to your table that guests will certainly enjoy.

Chic Chocs

Chocolate is always a Christmas crowd-pleaser, and if you grab yourself a chocolate gift box, you’ll have plenty of choice for your guests (and plenty left over for yourself!) For example, add some chocolate for the little ones and you’ve got dessert on lock without any fuss or cooking. Plus, the chocolate lovers in your house will get their fix!

Easy Pie

christmas desserts easy

The perfect cheat, grab an Oreo Pie Crust from Target and fill it with chocolate or vanilla cream for the ultimate in quick and easy Christmas desserts. Then, grab some edible festive cake sprinkles for the finishing touch to a dessert good enough to grace any Christmas table this year.  

Dessert Wine

Lastly, once you’ve got the perfect dessert lined up, you’ll want to find the perfect wine to go with it. Thankfully, you won’t need to become a sommelier as Vivino’s handy pairing guide will point you in the right direction. Simply follow their recommendations and you’ll be able to wow your guests with just the right addition to your Christmas evening dinner. A glass or two always has the adults in the room more in the spirit for family Christmas fun. 

More Dessert Ideas

Ending your Christmas dinner with a fabulous dessert adds the perfect finishing touch to all of your hard work. The trick is to choose a dessert that you can prepare in advance. Then, serve it cold or warm it up in the oven on the fly. This way, you’re not spending the entirety of the big day in the kitchen.  Have a Merry Christmas dinner!

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