Do I Have the Right Technical Skills?

The right technical skills can help you stand out from the competition and increase your chances of landing a job. Highlighting them on a resume or job application will increase a hiring manager’s confidence in what you can do. It may also help you stand out from the other applicants.

Do I Have the Right Technical Skills?

You need to determine if you have the right skills for your career. Many people, especially those switching careers, don’t know which technical skills are best to spotlight. Below, we’ll go into the best skills to have on your resume. We’ll also tell you how to determine which skills you need and how to acquire them.

What Are Technical Skills?

Technical Skills

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But before you start reworking your resume, let’s define the term. The phrase “technical skills” refers to the ability to perform complex tasks that require a level of technicality. Most people acquire these skills after receiving special training or education. Others can receive them through working in a particular field.

Technical skills usually require the use of tools to complete a task. They differ from soft skills, which include your ability to connect with and influence people. Instead, technical skills focus on what you can do.


Technical Skills

Here are some technical skills examples:

  • Computer programming
  • HTML/website building
  • Project management (minimizing risks, budget planning, overseeing tasks, etc.)
  • Data analysis
  • Trading stocks and bonds
  • Using operating systems
  • Technical writing
  • Proficiency using different types of software (such as Microsoft Office, Google Suite, Zoom, or Salesforce)
  • Customer management
  • Graphic design

This is far from an exhaustive list. But most professionals discover they already have some types of technical skills.

Knowing If You Have the Right Ones

Technical Skills

Not every employer will value every technical skill. In fact, some industries use certain types of skills much more often than others. Most positions even require workers to have some kinds of technical skills.

So, if you’re trying to enter a specific field, do some research into the common technical skills employers want to see. If you’re planning to go into digital marketing, for instance, your future boss will want you to have proficiency with writing tools, the best social media sites, or the backend of platforms like WordPress.

People who want to become financial advisors should study the market. Many of these individuals have business-related degrees or get their Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) certificate.

What if you don’t have all the technical skills for your desired position? Don’t let this discourage you. You might not get the position you want right away, but you can work up to it. Figure out if you need any additional education. You might also be able to learn while working in another position in the field.

Only Apply for Jobs You’re Already Qualified to Take

Technical Skills

Sometimes, you learn of an open position that seems like a dream job. Yet, when you look at the position requirements, you learn that you lack a few of the technical skills.

It’s best to not apply for this job and keep looking for another one. When you use ZipRecruiter, you can avoid wasting your time by browsing job postings and using the 1-click apply feature. In addition, ZipRecruiter will tell you how strong of a candidate you are for each position. This helps you prioritize which positions to focus on.

Showcasing Your Skills

Technical Skills

If you’re looking for a job, make sure you highlight any experience you have implementing technical skills.

You can do this via your resume and cover letter. On your resume, list your previous work positions. Then, under each entry, include a few bullet points that describe your responsibilities. Mention how your technical skills benefited the company.

In a cover letter, mention your technical skills in the second or third paragraph. Focus on how your skills contributed to the overall goals of the business. Whenever possible, include statistics.

Find the Right Match for Your Skills

Your technical skills will determine what types of employers express interest in hiring you after you resign. Fortunately, many businesses look for people in a wide range of industries. So, you can get experience while working with a company you admire.

ZipRecruiter is the best place for job candidates and employers to find each other. Using the ZipRecruiter platform, qualified workers can apply for positions. Employers can also browse candidate profiles and send qualified individuals personal invites to job applications. People who respond to these invitations are 3 times more likely to get hired. Ready to find the perfect job? Create your free ZipRecruiter profile today!

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