How to Write a Resignation Letter That Won’t Burn Bridges

resignation letter

Learning how to write a resignation letter is a critical skill. An effective letter will let your employer know you’re leaving. It will also manage to keep everyone on good terms.

Parting in an amicable way can help you get good references from people at your old place of employment when you start looking for a new position. And if you don’t already have your next job lined up, see how ZipRecruiter’s job search tools can help.

How to Write a Resignation Letter That Won’t Burn Bridges

resignation letter

In this article, we’ll get into writing an effective resignation letter. With this information, you can hone your ability to resign in a professional manner.

Do You Need to Give a Two-Week Notice?

resignation letter

It’s not mandatory to give a two-week notice in your resignation letter. Some companies require it, though. Yet, you should give one whenever possible.

Losing a worker can put a strain on the company. Giving your workplace at least two weeks to find a replacement shows respect for your employer’s time. It also increases your chances of getting a good reference (we recommend using ZipRecruiter for your job search).

A two-week notice requires you to hand in your resignation letter at least two weeks before your last day. You should keep this in mind and set your own due date for your resignation letter.

How to Write a Resignation Letter: Starting Off

resignation letter

Every good resignation letter should include a few basic pieces of information. Before you write your letter, make sure you know:

  • Your official job title
  • When your last day will be
  • The company’s name and address

To start, you should take the information you gathered and organize it in this order:

  1. The date you’re turning in your resignation letter
  2. Company’s name
  3. Company’s address (including the city, state, and zip code)

All this should go above your letter on the left side of the page. Then, you’ll write your manager’s first name followed by a comma. Create a new paragraph to start the rest of the letter.

1. Writing the Body of the Letter

Next, you’ll write the body of the letter. You should start out by stating your intent to resign. Then, inform your manager when your last day will be. If you’re giving a two-week notice, emphasize that this is two weeks out from the current date.

In the next paragraph, you’ll want to express your appreciation for your employer. In this section, mention what you enjoyed about your job.

This is an important part of the letter, even if you’re looking for a job because you hated your old one. It establishes a good rapport between you and your employer. This might come in handy if you need references in the future.

If you can’t think of anything you enjoyed, thank your employer for the opportunities to grow. Mention specific skills and experience you gained.

2. Offer to Help

It’s considered best practice to offer help as the company transitions. This might include training a new hire or showing a colleague how to do your job.

You can let your employer know you’re willing to do this in your resignation letter. Doing so reinforces that you care about the company enough to make the process easier for them.

Make sure you have enough time in your schedule to wrap up your duties and offer assistance at the same time. Don’t offer to do something unless you’re certain you can do it. If you want to help out but aren’t sure you’ll have time, talk to your manager about your options.

3. Sign Off

Once you’ve written all this, conclude by expressing appreciation for your manager.

Then, choose a professional and polite salutation, such as “Regards” or “Sincerely.” Follow it up with a comma, then sign your full name.

Sample Resignation Letter

For your reference, we’re including the following resignation letter example:


All Smiles Orthodontics, Inc.

567 Coronado Dr.,

San Diego, CA 91942


I am writing this letter to inform you of my intent to resign from the Digital Marketing Specialist position. My resignation will be effective two weeks from today, on February 18th, 2022.

I enjoyed working with the marketing team and appreciated the many opportunities to grow in my career. In particular, I learned a lot about content creation strategies and look forward to using my new skills in the future.

I’d be happy to help you train a new hire for the position. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you before I leave.

Thank you for the time you took to mentor me and help me succeed in this role. I hope we can keep in contact in the future.


Anna Rogers

Get Started on the Next Part of Your Career

Now that you know how to write a resignation letter, you can start moving forward with the next part of your career.

Resignation letters are just one part of leaving your old job behind. You’ll also need to get contact information from potential references. You should let others in your network know you’re looking for a new job, too. In the meantime, check out these fantastic ways to make money!

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