How Many Job Finder Websites Are There?

job finder websites

Are you on the search for your next best position? Using the internet to find your job can help you locate your dream job. However, many people wonder how many job finder websites are out there and which ones they should use.

There are more than 30 different job sites available to those looking for a position, but not every one of them will help you find your dream job. So, you need to figure out which of the job finder websites are best for you.

How Many Job Finder Websites Are There?

Below, we’ll get into a few of the options available to you, including ZipRecruiter. Keep reading to learn more!


job finder websites

As the #1 rated of the job finder websites in the United States, ZipRecruiter is an excellent choice for finding your next dream job. When you create your free profile, ZipRecruiter will learn what types of jobs you’re looking for. Then, it will start matching you with positions you might want to take.

ZipRecruiter will also look at your experience and skills to show you which jobs you’re the most qualified to take. It does this by showing you whether you’re a potential match, a good match, or an excellent match. That way, you won’t have to waste your time applying for positions you won’t get.

In addition, ZipRecruiter has around 9 million open jobs at any given time (including data entry jobs). These positions come from a wide variety of industries. Even better, there are entry-level, management-level, and leadership-level job opportunities with many companies.

ZipRecruiter even works on your behalf. It shows employers your profile and allows them to invite you to apply to their positions. If you receive one of these invitations, you should think about applying. ZipRecruiter has found that people who apply for these jobs are 3 times as likely to get hired!

You’ll also get some job suggestions sent to your email. So, you don’t have to spend extensive amounts of time looking for work.

In addition, you can message hiring managers within the platform. Doing so benefits you because it allows you to introduce yourself and ask questions related to the position.


job finder websites

Indeed has been in business since 2004, matching millions of people with jobs. On Indeed, you can upload your resume and indicate your top skills. Then, you’ll browse through thousands of jobs to find ones that interest you.

Indeed does a great job of showing you which qualifications you need to get the job you’re looking for. In fact, the platform reviews the employer’s top requirements for each position. Then, when you click on the posting, you’ll see whether you have the top skills.

However, Indeed doesn’t tell you how great of a match you are for any particular position. So, you might still apply for jobs you won’t hear back from if you use this platform.


job finder websites

Founded in 1994, Monster was one of the first job search platforms on the market. Like Indeed and ZipRecruiter, it allows job hunting candidates to search for the jobs they want. You need to create an account to apply for jobs via the site, but it doesn’t cost any money to do so.

In addition to its job search services, Monster offers resume and cover letter review services and LinkedIn profile makeovers for $129. Taking advantage of these services can help you stand out as a candidate and secure your favorite positions.

However, Monster doesn’t have as many available job opportunities or search filters. So, you might find it harder to use than other job finder websites


job finder websites

FlexJobs was founded for those who need to find dream jobs that allow them to work from home. It features many postings from employers who are looking for full-time, part-time, contract, and freelance work.

So, if you don’t want to go into the office every day, this site might be great for you. Yet, you have to pay a fee to use the site, so it might not be the best of the job finder websites for those who are in-between jobs.

Ready to Use the Best Job Finder Websites?

Even though there are many different job finder websites available, ZipRecruiter is your best bet for finding your dream jobs.

Because of its large number of available positions and user-centered approach, ZipRecruiter is able to offer its customers a well-tailored job search. This increases your chances of finding the perfect position. Create your profile today to start getting your dream jobs!

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