How to Become a Streamer

How to Become a Streamer

Many of us play video games to relax or to unwind from the bustle of daily life. However, more serious gamers have the opportunity to turn their passion for playing video games into a lucrative business that could make them thousands of dollars a month. That’s where online streaming comes in.

Streamers get paid to play video games by growing a fan base of avid followers who tune in to watch them play. However, knowing how to become a streamer isn’t just about beating bosses and completing hard-to-clear levels. There are a few things you should know if you’re looking to become the next big Twitch or big gamer celebrity.


  1. Choose Your Game(s)

One of your first tasks when learning how to become a streamer is deciding which game or games you’ll want to showcase. You can either be a variety streamer (someone who plays a different game every week or so) or a one-game streamer (someone who only streams one video game). Check out Target for the lowest price on games for both PC and video game consoles or Sam’s Club for valid game codes and keys.


  1. Make Sure Your Computer is Up to Speed

How to Become a Streamer

Streaming requires a lot of processing power, so it’s crucial that you have a reliable computer that can keep up. If you’re relying on a PC, then make sure you have at least an Intel Core i5-4670 processor with a minimum of 8GB of RAM and Windows 7 or later. You can also stream on Mac or directly from your PS4 or Xbox One gaming console from Target.

You can also focus on keeping your computer up to speed by protecting it with an all-in-one computer security coverage like McAfee’s Total Protection plan. Their plan includes antivirus, identity protection, firewall, password manager, PC optimization and even a VPN service to make sure you’re fully protected. As a streamer your PC is super important day to day, so make sure to keep it running up to speed and equip it with the best possible security package!


  1. Hook Up to Broadband Internet

In addition to having a fast computer, you will also need to make sure you have a fast internet connection as well. Nobody wants to watch a game that constantly lags or freezes! Generally speaking, you’ll want to have speeds of at least 3MB per second in order to provide a smooth stream to your viewers.


  1. Invest in a Good Microphone

How to Become a Streamer How to Become a Streamer


Learning how to become a successful streamer isn’t just about being the best at gaming. You can grow your fan base by communicating with your followers while you play. That means you’ll need a high-quality microphone to draw in your audience (we’re huge fans of the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 Wireless Gaming Headset from Target, although this Razer Kraken is a good affordable alternative).


  1. Consider Becoming a Video Streamer

How to Become a Streamer

Fans want to connect with their streamers, and having a webcam (like this Creative Labs 1080p model) is a great way for them to see you while you’re playing. Although sharing video isn’t a necessity for becoming a great streamer, it does create a more personal atmosphere so your followers will feel more like they’re just hanging out with a friend. And if you’re really focused on becoming a serious streamer, we recommend using a Corsair for higher production value.


  1. Sign Up with Twitch

Almost all streamers use Twitch as their live-streaming platform. Go ahead and sign up for a free account on their website and to download the corresponding app (depending on whether you’re streaming on PC or MAC).


  1. Develop a Streaming Schedule

Now that you understand the first steps about how to become a successful streamer, it’s time to develop a game plan for broadcasting your skills. We recommend streaming around the same time every day. If you are playing at random times throughout the day, your fans won’t know when to tune in, which will make it hard to create a reliable fan base.


  1. Let Your Personality Shine Through

There are a whopping 3.8 million broadcasters on Twitch, which means you’ll have a lot of competition when looking for followers. Offering something unique a great way to grow your fan base and to attract viewers that come back every week to see you play. Maybe you want to collaborate with other gamers, or perhaps you like to stream while dressed as your favorite character. Whatever it is, make sure you do something that stands out from the rest of the gaming crowd on Twitch.


Taking the leap to become a full-time streamer isn’t an easy decision. It requires a lot of time, money, and patience upfront – although the rewards of Twitch stardom certainly make all that effort worth it!


Streaming isn’t the only way to make money from home. Check out our guide on how to get paid with remote work and how to save money while shopping.

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