How to Hire a Manager the Right Way

A lot of companies like to promote their tenured staff instead of hiring a manager for their team.  Those companies believe since they have been with the company for a long time, they must have learned all the know-how and culture of the organization.

Companies would promote an individual simply based on their seniority but often fail to determine if they possess the traits to be a good manager and they soon realize that new manager is better suited to remain as a staff than be the leader of the pack. In this article, I’m going to provide a few ideas to help you find the perfect leader for your team.


1. Do managers need to be the subject matter expert? 

Not necessary, I believe. Although having enough knowledge to
understand your team’s capabilities will make managing them more efficient.
ZipRecruiter helps you do that by providing free skill assessment tests that you can include as part of the application process. This helps to screen potential candidates. It not only saves time but also helps make sure the candidate does indeed have the level of expertise you’re looking for.

2. The soft skills

Managers manage things, good leaders lead teams. Companies usually don’t have a good method of measuring one’s capability to lead versus manage. As I
mentioned earlier having technical skills is definitely helpful for being a good manager.

But soft skills are even more important as the majority of the time will be spent leading, inspiring, and influencing a team. When you hire a manager, you want a good listener but also someone who is able to tactfully crack the whip when the team’s performance is lacking. Using ZipRecruiter’s screening tool you can create custom situational questions to save time finding the right candidate.

3. Clear and concise communication is key

It is super important to make sure the hired manager is a good communicator. They need to be concise, clear, and understandable. And they shouldn’t be afraid to speak up. I have seen many managers that are what I call “monitor ninjas”. They love to hide behind a monitor and send text messages or emails all day without saying a word.

Make sure your new hire is not afraid of communicating face-to-face, as that’s the most effective way to lead. ZipRecruiter helps you set up video calls from within their application, so you don’t have to jump back-and-forth between your scheduling software and the website. It is also a good idea in the final interview to include a
physical or virtual face-to-face meeting. This is to make sure they are someone with whom people are comfortable working. 

Utilize ZipRecruiter When You Hire a Manager

Hiring a manager is not an easy task. ZipRecruiter makes it easy with their state-of-
the-art screening tool so I can be sure the applications I received are from high-quality candidates. Again make sure to utilize ZipRecruiter’s assessment tools to screen for qualified candidates faster.  I hope this guide is useful to help you find the best manager for your business. Good luck hiring!

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