Where to Post Job Listings – ZipRecruiter How-to

It’s never been more important than it is now to be able to easily search and hire qualified candidates for your company’s open positions. If you’re looking to fill a vacant position, you need to make sure you start by posting your job ads where it can be seen by the right candidates. We’ve touched on this in a separate review, but we believe that ZipRecruiter is the best platform to find the best candidates.

But how does this process work for a first time recruiter? Is it straightforward? What all is required of you? We’ll dive into the process a bit and review how ZipRecruiter has helped companies all over fill positions with the right candidates.


What is ZipRecruiter?

ZipRecruiter is an online aggregated job board that lets employers post their job ads to candidates that strongly match the needs of the company. Then, ZipRecruiter then sends out your job posting to 100s of job board sites, to make sure your post gets the visibility you need. Most importantly, ZipRecruiter works with virtually every industry, any area and with any experience level.


What does the process look like?

ziprecruiter reviewThe job posting process through ZipRecruiter is as simple as a few steps:

  1. Go to ziprecruiter.com
  2. Click ‘post a job’
  3. Fill in how many employees you have, then click “Post Jobs for Free”
  4. Enter the needed info about your company.
  5. Type all the necessary info about the job listing.
  6. Choose a package.
  7. Enter your payment info.
  8. Click “Post My Job Now.”

How do qualified candidates find my posting?

ZiprecuiterReviewWith ZipRecruiter’s match technology, qualified candidates are matched with your posting based on relevant criteria, and are actively invited to apply to your posting. You also have the option as a job poster to invite candidates you see as a good match to apply for your opening with the “Invite to Apply” tool.


How do I manage all my candidates during the process?

ZipRecuirterReviewZipRecruiter has a fabulous dashboard that allows you to manage, sort, review, rank and rate all of your candidates. When reviewing and rating candidates, ZipRecruiter will learn from your feedback and will send similar candidates for future job postings.

ziprecruiter reviewWhat are my plan options?

New employers get the chance to post their first opening with a free trial. After the trial finishes, employers have three plans to select from to continue advertising their listings:

  • Standard plan: 
    • Job posting distribution to 100+ job sites
  • Premium plan: 
    • Job posting distribution to 100+ job sites
    • Premium placement in job alert e-mails
    • Access to a database with 25+ million resumes
  • Enterprise plan: 
    • Powerful AI to proactively reach candidates, 
    • Job ads that reach 30 million candidates a month 
    • Plans tailored to subscription or pay-for-performance 
    • Team of dedicated specialists that manage spend using real time data
    • Seamless ATS integration

What other features does ZipRecruiter provide?

Outside of the powerful matching technology and easy to use dashboard, here are some other features that ZipRecruiter has:

  • Screening questions: add questions to your job posting in order to save time finding candidates with the right qualifications
  • Mobile-friendly: post a job, screen candidates and invite and message with candidates all from the ease of your mobile device
  • Resume database: have access to millions of resumes to help find the right candidates (Enterprise plan only)
  • Featured employer: receive premium ad placement so your job posting stands out to qualified candidates (Enterprise plan only)

We think that ZipRecruiter is the right platform to use for anyone looking to fill their position with the perfect candidate. With their matching technology, easy to use dashboard, and aggregated job boards that help your posting get top visibility, it’s hard to beat what ZipRecruiter is offering.

If you need to hear more about it, check out our full review on ZipRecruiter Vs LinkedIn for Employers.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, Talk District may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page.

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