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Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, an outpouring amount of customers are looking to change the way they shop and businesses the way they sell. Businesses are on the search for a new payment system that makes the process as seamless and touch-free as possible. With that Square is happy to announce 6 new remote payment methods to ease processing day-to-day transactions while limiting in-person contact.

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Contactless Hardware from Square Online:

Contactless Payment: 

Just like it sounds, Contactless payment processing with Square is truly contactless. The POS System uses NFC (near field communication) and sends a type of radio frequency identification to process the transaction safely. This contactless payment system ensures the customer’s phone or credit card never comes into contact with the POS system.

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Virtual Terminal:

For remote billing needs, Square has also released a virtual terminal payment system. The virtual payment system in it’s simplest form turns your personal computer into a payment terminal that is hosted online. This virtual payment terminal can process just about any payment in three simple ways. You can either swipe a card, enter the payment information manually or set up a recurring payment. Learn more about Square’s Virtual Terminal here.


Disabling the Signature Screen:

Another way Square has managed to make remote payments possible is through safely disabling the signature screen. Any business with a chip reader can safely adapt this method by simply disabling customer signatures for all card payments. With improved security made possible through the newly emerging use of chip-enabled cards in the U.S, there is no need to collect signatures during a credit card process making the payment process largely contactless.

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Skipping the Receipt Screen:

Skipping the receipt screen eliminates another interaction many customers face while purchasing a good or service. Now, businesses can skip the receipt screen that prompts customers to take an action on choosing either a digital receipt or a paper receipt. Skipping this receipt process ensures less steps for the customer while going through a payment process and decreases contact between businesses and customers.


Charge with Invoices:

Although it might seem like invoices are for business and client purposes, invoices can be multi-functional in that they can also be used for contactless transactions of goods and services. Customers can be be invoiced to pay electronically, making the remote payment process simple and secure. Online and mobile invoicing with Square is a great way to process remote transactions as it allows you to safely collect the customer’s payment information over the phone.

Set Up Recurring Payments:

Lastly, Square has added a feature to set up recurring payments with invoicing. Similar to invoicing, recurring payments are contactless and can be quickly set up remotely. This feature is great for businesses that bill for regular subscription deliveries or plans.

With these 6 remote payments, Square has made processing transactions easy and contactless for both parties. Squares’ new features allow customers to feel safe while their payment information is being securely processed. Lastly, Square has opened doors to small business re-opening with contactless POS processing.

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