How to Negotiate Salary in a Job Interview

How to negotiate salary for a job

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking. Especially when the interviewer decides to ask about your salary expectations. But, this is a common question that comes up sometime during the interview process. The reason is that it helps the company determine if they can afford you as an employee. That’s why knowing how to negotiate a salary is very important.

While it may be stressful or uncomfortable to talk about money, there are a few tips that can help you prepare for this topic. Do your research beforehand. And be confident about your expectations. Then, you can have a productive conversation about your potential salary.

Know How Much You’re Worth

How to Negotiate Salary

Before you talk to your company about salary negotiation, it’s important to understand the going rate for your position. Thankfully, there are plenty of websites and sources (we recommend ZipRecruiter Salaries) where you can look at the average rate for someone in your field and in your city. You may also choose to talk with recruiters, who know first-hand how much someone with your experience is worth.

 It’s best to consult with an expert in this field to also get an idea of how much your position is worth, and what steps you can’t take to negotiate with this info. You can get additional expert assistance when using a platform like JustAnswer, which has thousands of experts in specific fields waiting to help you with any issue.

Choose a Set Amount

How to Negotiate Salary

Make sure you walk into the interview with a certain number in your head. Not only does this show them you’ve researched the company, but it also proves to them that you know your value. If you don’t feel comfortable voicing your desired salary, you run the risk of them starting you off with a much lower wage than what you might expect.


Practice, Practice, Practice!

How to Negotiate Salary

Knowing how to negotiate a salary offer isn’t an easy task, especially if you have your heart set on the job. That’s why it’s important to have the salary negotiation discussion nailed down to a T. Practice in front of a mirror, in front of your friends, or even in front of your pet! The more you have prepared your speech, the more confidence you’ll feel asking for it in person.

Don’t Focus Entirely on Money

How to Negotiate Salary

Although the salary could make or break your decision to take the job, it’s important not to focus too much on money during your interview. It’s important to be confident about your worth but not too pushy where the interviewer feels you’re only in it for money.

Back it Up With Your Skills

How to Negotiate Salary

Sure, your interviewer has your detailed resume and has likely spent time getting to know your strengths. Click here to learn how to improve your resume!

When learning how to negotiate salary with a company, it’s crucial to show them why you deserve that amount. Explain your accomplishments, your past projects, or anything that justifies why you’re worth the salary.


Understand Salary isn’t Just Monetary

How to Negotiate Salary

Nowadays, there are plenty of ways to get paid beyond a check or direct deposit to your bank. Many companies offer other perks besides a base salary, which may be just as enticing as the money itself. You may consider other incentives besides a higher paycheck from extra vacation days and free lunch to flexible work arrangements or tuition reimbursement.

Don’t Be Afraid to Counter Offer

How to Negotiate Salary

Many offers sent out by HR aren’t set in stone, which gives you the flexibility to respond and ask for more. How to negotiate salary with a company usually involves a little bit of wiggle room on both sides. So if you aren’t happy with your first offer, then feel free to come back with a higher figure than you expect to be paid.

Be Prepared to Say No

How to Negotiate Salary

Unfortunately, there may be a point during your job search where a company simply can’t afford to pay you your desired salary. At this point, you’ll have to either accept the position or turn down the offer. It might not be easy to walk away from a potential job opportunity, but more importantly, you’ll need to feel good about how much you’re making. On the flip side, there are always tons of other opportunities waiting for you on Steady, ZipRecruiter, or Linkedin Jobs!

Salary negotiation is one of the most important parts of acing a job interview. By coming to the interview prepared, you can impress your future employer by showing them how much you think you’re worth. If you are looking for more resources about landing the perfect job, check out our review of the top 3 job posting websites on the internet.

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