How to Write a Happy Holiday Email to Clients 

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We all think about getting in touch with family and friends over the holidays, but it is just as important to make sure you take the time to reach out to your clients. A happy holiday email to clients will show them that you are thinking about them and will also give you the opportunity to tell them how much you have appreciated their support over the last year.

By writing a happy holiday email, you can increase client loyalty and your approachability. Here are some tips for writing that all-important holiday email to your clients so that you can keep them with you in the new year.

How to Write a Happy Holidays Email to Clients 

1. Plan

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It is important that you think carefully about what you want to say in your holiday email and plan any marketing campaigns well in advance.

Do you want to simply wish them well, or do you want to give them a thank-you gift for their support? What you decide to do will depend on your business model, your clients, and your aims. For example, a bookkeeper may decide to send out a happy holidays email to clients to say thank you, while a lawyer sends out an email and a gift basket.

Also, give some thought to how your happy holiday email to clients will look. Will you keep it simple, or do you want to add some visual elements? If you are looking for appropriate templates or graphics, we recommend Envato Elements as they have an extensive library.

2. Keep It Simple

A happy holiday email to clients doesn’t need to be elaborate. You don’t need to create something unique for every customer unless you can see real value in doing so. There’s always value in making a client feel special, but think about the ROI on your time before you invest too much. 

You should aim to give your holiday greetings and express your appreciation for their support without being too long-winded.

Like you, your clients are probably busy preparing for the holiday season. As such, they will not take a long time to read an email.

Start with a simple opening like:

Dear [name], 

All of us here at [company] would like to wish you and [all of you at company/your family] a Happy Holidays and all the best for the new year. We’d like to extend our appreciation for being a valued customer this year, and we look forward to what we can do together in the new year!

If you are simply wishing them a happy holiday season, you can even sign off here! 

3. Avoid Pitching 

If you plan to make them some kind of offer in your email, you need to tread carefully. If they feel like the only reason you’ve reached out to them is to give them an offer, your message will seem insincere.

Make this email separate from your holiday marketing campaigns. Just make sure you plan out the timeline well so you’re not spamming your clients with emails!

You’ll see advice about asking for feedback from your clients at this time to make a more meaningful connection. Yet, it’s much better to do this in January than around the holidays. People are busy, and they’ll forget about it or feel annoyed that you put another thing on their plate.  

4. Use Generic Wording

Please don’t be that guy who insists “it’s Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays.” Unless you are absolutely sure all of your customers celebrate Christmas (you run a Christian publishing company or sell Christmas trees), stick to the basics. Ostracize a client at your peril (this goes for other holidays too, by the way). If you want to be more inclusive in your language, you can use phrases such as, “No matter how you celebrate, we hope this is a memorable holiday season!”

Send Messages Everyone Loves

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Minted Logo –

Sending a happy holiday email to your clients is a great way to make deeper connections and show that you care, and you could even take it that one step further by sending a physical holiday card such as those available at Minted. Either way, your happy holidays message will encourage your clients to keep your business in mind through the holiday season and beyond. Not thought about your Thanksgiving emails yet? Here are 5 you can send out.


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