Real Estate Job Types and Careers in 2022

For decades, real estate has been one of the biggest job markets in the United States. Overall employment in the industry is expected to grow an additional 5 percent from 2021 to 2031. But if you’re unfamiliar with the job landscape of real estate, where does one begin? What are the best jobs to get started in the industry? And what are the most common real estate job types for entry level workers. These are just a few of the careers you can pursue working in the real estate sector in 2022:

Real Estate Job Types and Careers

1. Property Manager

Median annual salary: $70,000

A property manager is someone hired by the owner of a property to manage the daily responsibilities of running said property. For daily responsibilities, this includes collecting on rent, handling any sort of maintenance requests, managing and filling vacancies and moving rent prices to keep pace with market value.

To work in this position, you’ll need to be familiar with landlord-tenant laws and regulations, at both the local, state and national level. You’ll need to be organized and able to handle multiple tenants on a day to day basis. You’ll also need to be able to sell and market open units to potential tenants.

2. Compliance Specialist

Median annual salary: $60,000

Compliance specialists are hired by property owners to ensure organizations are fully complying with all needed regulations. These individuals should be experts in the laws of the field, and have up to date knowledge of current regulations. To work in this position, you’ll need to be highly observant, and able to spot mistakes and issues where they creep up. You’ll also need to be able to keep up with changes and shifts in regulations and how they affect tenants and landlords.

For real estate job types, this one can be rewarding if you are someone who likes to find and fix problems.

3. Mortgage Loan Officer

Median annual salary: $64,000

Real estate job types can reach all sections of the industry. And that includes loan officers and mortgage sellers. And that is where a mortgage loan officer comes in. This position requires someone who is a licensed rep of a broker, bank or institution. In this role, you would help create loan offers for customers that match their needs, while also finding the best rates for them. You would help them through the process of loan creation and filling out the proper forms and paperwork for a loan application.

It is your responsibility to ensure all paperwork is accurate, and all needs are met for the customer. You also need to be mindful of the proper guidelines, as well as current trends and rates for mortgage loans.

4. Commercial Real Estate Manager

Median annual salary: $135,000

A commercial real estate manager is exactly what the title suggests. In this position, you will be in charge of managing commercial properties, buildings and locations. Like a residential property manager, you will oversee building operations, collect rent from tenants and sell/lease units. Because you will be working with business owners and commercial dealings, the earnings potential can be much greater. You will need to be capable of all business dealings, and have a strong sales background for selling spaces. You will also need to have a knowledge of building codes and real estate laws in your area. For real estate job types, this one has one of the highest earning potentials.

5. Title Examiner

Median annual salary: $50,000

For real estate job types that are a little more unique, this one might be for you. A title examiner’s responsibilities are to assist lawyers in reviewing titles and looking over public records. It will be your job to validify if a title is up to date, accurate and has good legal standing. This position is important for determining if a property is ready to be sold with all legal requirements met. You will also be expected to keep detailed reports and records for all of your findings.

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