Sell Used Furniture Online Successfully with These Tips

For many of us, garages, basements and lofts are the places where old furniture goes to die. Too bulky to throw out, furniture items often sit unused and unloved in our homes for years. However, they don’t have to anymore. because you can sell used furniture online! Selling these items online is easier than you might think and can net you some handy cash pretty quick. Dig out those tables, chairs and dressers and check out our guide to how to resell furniture online.

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Place your betssell used furniture

First, you’ll need to decide on the platform that you’re going to sell used furniture on. While eBay is undoubtedly popular, you won’t get the best price for your furniture there. Instead, head to eBid for a quick and easy way to list your sales at a guaranteed 5% or less selling fee.

Take a picture to sell used furnituresell used furniture

Next, you’ll need some great photos for your listings. With selling sites, it’s important to use clear photographs taken in natural light where possible. If you’re planning on selling a few items, it’s worth investing in good quality camera and equipment to make sure that your photographs are the best that they can be.

Looking goodsell used furniture

Often, our furniture is relegated to the garage because it’s looking a little tired or scruffy. To make sure that you get the best price for your items, it’s well worth giving them a little TLC. Wooden furniture can be quickly and easily revamped using a good polycrylic furniture varnish to smooth over any discoloration or chips. Similarly, furniture fabrics can be given a new lease on life using an effective and affordable linen spray. These things can really help you to seal the deal as well as improve your reputation as a seller.

A quick fix to sell used furnituresell my furniture

While the above are great ways to pretty up your furniture, it may be that minor repairs are also required. Don’t worry if you’re not exactly a DIY dynamo, a guide to the right tools for the job and how to use them will soon help you get the job done. You can visit your local Home Depot to get everything you need!

Get a helping hand

If your old furniture needs more than just a quick fix, you might want to think about hiring a local handyman to get it in ship shape and ready for sale. Often you can find reasonably priced professionals in your local area who can help you increase the sale value of your furniture.

Be a promotion pro

Once you’ve got your items into a public listing with your fabulous photos, it’s time to promote your listing. Many sellers make the mistake of skipping this step, leading to disappointment when their items don’t sell. Social media is a fantastic way of promoting your items and Canva’s easy to use design tools will help to make your advert stand out.

A fair price to sell old furniture

Your next task is to price up the items that you’re selling. The trick here is to be competitive without losing out. It’s always a good idea to do a bit of research to find out the prices similar items are going for. For electronics, ItsWorthMore is a really good resource for checking out prices as well as taking a look at similar items on the selling site that you’ve chosen.

Ahead of the packsell my furniture

Making your first sale is always a thrill, but you’re not finished yet. Having secured a sale, your next job is to make sure that your furniture is delivered safe and sound to your customer. For this, you’ll need to make sure that you have some sturdy cardboard boxes large enough to fit your item. You’ll also need to invest in some decent quality packing materials to keep your item safe during transit.

Hit the road

Finally, it’s time to choose a courier to safely transport your items. When doing this, you’ll need to ensure that the company offers adequate insurance as well as offering competitive prices. Also, make sure that you’re aware of the terms & conditions to sell on the platform you are using. Ensure that there is a specific guarantee that the item will be delivered within a certain length of time. If you’ve sold a few items locally, it may be worth renting a truck and making the delivery yourself.

Selling your old furniture online can be a fantastic way of clearing space in your home. Best of all, allowing somebody else to enjoy the items that you no longer love. To make things run smoothly, always be clear in your listing that the item is pre-owned, and always ensure that you’ve received payment before shipping the furniture to your customer. Happy selling!

If you decide selling furniture or other products online is something you want to do full time, we recommend doing a bit more research. To learn more about selling online head to Best E-commerce Platform for Startups and Small Businesses. To promote your new endeavor check out Marketing Trends to Pay Attention To: 5 Key Takeaways and Best Social Media Platforms.

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, Talk District may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the

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