The Best Veteran Job Boards and How to Find Them

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Finding a job after life in the military can be tough – not because you don’t have great skills to offer (you do!), but because you have unique skills and life experience that may make some traditional jobs just too boring for you. So, to find the best careers for you as you seek to continue your service to your country in a new way, you need to know which veteran job boards are the best.

The good news is there are plenty of jobs to choose from, you’ve just got to know where to look. We’ve rounded up 7 of the best veteran job boards, like ZipRecruiter, to ensure you don’t waste time.

Have more than 1 job offer? Learn how to choose between them!

Should I Stick to Veteran-Specific Job Boards?Soldiers in Line to Get in a Plane - veteran job boards

No, we’d advise you not to. Why? Because although the veteran job boards we’re going to list below are great places for you to find employers looking for people with your background, there are great opportunities at companies that wouldn’t think to post on a veteran-specific job board.

ZipRecruiter has over 1 million job postings at any time across the entire country and hundreds of industries, so we highly recommend you use it to access all non-veteran-specific job postings that may be a great fit for you.

ZipRecruiter also offers some great services that not all other job boards have. For example, when you create your free ZipRecruiter profile, the platform’s AI technology will start matching you with jobs. You’ll get to see which ones you’re most qualified to take. That way, you can focus most of your time on applying to the jobs that you’re more likely to get.

It’s services like these that make ZipRecruiter the #1 job site in the United States for both veterans and non-veterans!

7 Best Veteran Job Boards

1. GI Jobs

GI Jobs isn’t just a job board. It also offers tools for veterans to ensure you get your civilian career off to the best possible start. They offer a payment calculator so you can figure out how much your civilian job needs to pay to match your military salary, and you can even filter by military specialty to find jobs that match your skills.

2. Recruit Military

Recruit Military provides employers with a place to reach veterans and military spouses with their job opportunities. There are currently over 300,000 job postings, all looking for US veterans. Recruit Military also has information to help you go back to school to further your education or start in a new field.

3. Feds Hire Vets

If you like the security of working for your country rather than an individual employer, then a federal career may be the right next move for you. Feds Hire Vets is a site that provides you with plenty of information on how to move into a federal career in a huge range of roles, and also has a small number of job postings for those looking for veteran job boards.

4. Hire Heroes USA

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Hire Heroes USA is another website that is focused on giving you the education you need to start a meaningful civilian career but also has a job board. If you’re not sure what kind of career would suit you, Hire Heroes USA can help guide you.


You’ve likely heard of since it’s one of the biggest sites out there for military news and advice. What you may not have looked at before is its job board. While it’s not the most sophisticated job board out there, it’s worth using if you have a good idea about what industry you’d like to work in.

6. Hire Veterans

Hire Veterans is one of the longest-standing veteran job boards and has been running since 2003. Again, it’s not the easiest to filter through, but there are some jobs out there looking for veterans with unique skills.

7. Military Hire

Military Hire has been in operation for 21 years and allows you to post your resume and allow potential employers to approach you, as well as allowing you to search for job postings. Some states have more opportunities for veterans than others, so you won’t want to rely on this board alone, but all jobs are recent, so it’s well worth keeping an eye on.

Use Veteran Job Boards and ZipRecruiter

The best veteran job boards we’ve listed will be instrumental in your search, but don’t forget to use one or two general job boards, too. By using both, you’ll be able to see any opportunity that’s the right fit for you, not just those by employers who think to post in these places. ZipRecruiter is the best job board available today, so head there next to make your account and start searching for potential jobs.

If you’re not sure if ZipRecruiter is the right job board for you, see our comparison here: ZipRecruiter vs. Monster: Which Is the Better Choice?

Finally, thank you for your service and we hope you find a civilian role on these veteran job boards that will continue allowing you to thrive.

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