Where Are People Looking for Jobs?

people looking for jobs

Do you have open positions you need to fill? If so, you’re not alone. Many companies in the United States are looking for new employees right now, making it essential that you know how to stand out from the crowd. But to attract people looking for jobs, you need to know where to post your ads.

Where Are People Looking for Jobs?

Below, we’ll go into the top platforms job seekers use to find their next place of employment. By getting on sites like ZipRecruiter, you increase your chances of finding the perfect worker in a shorter amount of time.

That way, you won’t have to spend as much time trying to figure out how to cover the position’s requirements while balancing your own schedule!

1. ZipRecruiter

people looking for jobs

ZipRecruiter is the #1 job hunting site in the United States. It has roughly 25 million people looking for jobs and specializes in pairing employers with excellent candidates.

When you use ZipRecruiter as an employer, you start by creating a company account. To do this, you’ll need to tell ZipRecruiter how many employees your company has, and then you’ll be prompted to add your name and email.

Please note that the email entered in this section will be the one candidates will get directed to. You’ll also need to create a password. Then, you’ll get to post jobs for free.

Once your job is live, ZipRecruiter can send it out to 100+ of the top job sites. Even better, the platform will scan resumes and match you with the best candidates. Then, you can sort through their profiles and find the right fit for your position.

2. Indeed

people looking for jobs

Indeed seeks to make the hiring process easier and more seamless for employers. On Indeed’s platform, you can post a job for free. Then, people looking for jobs can browse through your open positions and apply to the ones that appeal most to them.

Most companies allow candidates to apply for positions right from the Indeed website. As part of the application process, the site lets you compose some questions that help you identify the best candidates. So, if you have anything you want to know about job seekers before moving them on to the interview phase, write those questions into the application!

Indeed also makes it easier to do your hiring completely through the platform. You can review applications, reach out to candidates, and even interview straight from the website.

When you go the Indeed route, though, you don’t have the ability to get matched with candidates unless you post a paid job listing. You also can’t invite candidates to apply unless you have a paid post.

So, ZipRecruiter ultimately smooths out the process of finding qualified candidates without requiring payment.

3. Glassdoor

people looking for jobs

People looking for jobs on the top platforms don’t just visit Glassdoor to apply. Instead, they come to the site to get acquainted with your company, its work culture, and its values.

So, when you have a job listed on Glassdoor, it’s just as important that you fill out your company profile.

To post a job on Glassdoor, you actually have to go through Indeed. If you create a paid post on Indeed, it will ultimately appear on Glassdoor as well. However, Glassdoor empowers you to attract employees by giving you more control over how people perceive your brand.

On Glassdoor, employers either fill out their profiles for free or buy the Employer Branding Hub package. The free option lets you list your basic company information and state your mission. To get more reviews for your organization, Glassdoor lets you request anonymous reviews from your workers. Once someone posts a review, you have the opportunity to respond to it.

Still, because Glassdoor doesn’t let you post your own job listings, you might not find it as useful as ZipRecruiter.

Reach More People Looking for Jobs!

ZipRecruiter lets you reach many people looking for jobs. By taking advantage of their wide job seeker database, you increase your chances of finding the right person for your position.

To get the most out of your hiring process, make sure you review some top tips for finding the right job candidates. That way, you’ll feel confident that you’ve identified the best worker for the job.

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