“I Need to Hire Someone!” – Tips for Struggling Recruiters

This year has been challenging for many companies, and recruiters feel pressure when executives and team leads start yelling, “I need to hire someone immediately!”. So if you are looking for job seekers but coming away empty-handed, it might be time to reanalyze your current hiring strategy.

“I Need to Hire Someone!” – Tips for Struggling Recruiters

The labor market is extremely competitive, especially with the ongoing pandemic. What worked for your company five years ago may not be applicable to today’s workforce. Thankfully, there are a few industry tips to keep in mind if you’re struggling to find new employees.

Use the right job board

If you’re struggling to find top talent, you might reconsider where you’re looking for job seekers in the first place. Not all job boards have an active community of qualified candidates, which means you could be wasting time and money using the wrong site. When it comes to reliable sites, we can strongly recommend ZipRecruiter. Their innovative matching technology and connections to 100+ partner sites can help you find the right employee in no time.

Consider less traditional hiring methods

Posting a job listing isn’t the only way to find new employees. Networking events, sponsoring career fairs, or creating an employee referral system can also result in hires. If you have several openings to fill, you might also consider throwing an open house. Not only will you be able to collect many resumes at once, but candidates can also get a feel for your office and what it would be like to work for you.

Build your brand

You don’t have to be a Fortune 500 company to create a powerful and reputable name for yourself. Having a strong employer brand makes you more appealing to customers and clients and makes you more recognizable to job seekers. It can also be the tiebreaker if a candidate is deciding between two different companies, as reputable brands tend to look better on a resume.

Offer new hire incentives

The hiring market is highly competitive, especially in certain fields such as tech, finance, and sales. And unless you want to lose your dream candidate, you might need to offer new hire incentives in addition to your competitive salary. While offering a monetary signing bonus is common, you can also offer gifts, products, or meals instead.

Emphasize your benefits

If your company is unable to offer a signing bonus, you can still entice job seekers with the benefits you currently offer. Instead of listing them at the bottom of your job description, highlight them towards the beginning of the post as a way to keep readers engaged. You can also add employee testimonials and showcase unique features about your company.

Turn to social media

Facebook is an affordable way to find new employees. Although listing your job on the Facebook Job board isn’t free, creating a company profile page and joining Facebook groups are! You can build your brand and increase your chances of finding employees with all the networking features Facebook has to offer. For more information, check out 5 ways recruiters can use Facebook to hire employees.

Revise your job descriptions

Writing the perfect job description is trial and error. If candidates aren’t biting, then you might need to revise how the role and the company are portrayed in the listing. Try adding more voice by making the listing more fun and personable. Or consider adding a visual or infographic to make the listing more attractive. There are endless ways you can convey the same information, so experiment to see what works best for your hiring strategy.

Perfect the interview and hiring process

The interview experience is a very important aspect of the hiring process. If a candidate has a negative experience, they will likely turn down the role even if the job is a perfect fit. Therefore, it’s essential to treat all candidates with respect. Set expectations, respond quickly, and make sure they walk away in a positive light.

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Finding a reliable employee is challenging even without the hassle of dealing with a pandemic. With the right job board (like ZipRecruiter) and tips to make posting a job easy, you can overcome the struggle of hiring in the current job market!

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, Talk District may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the

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